In late 1989, the WWF and the world were introduced to a menacing yet fine-musked force known as Rick “the Model” Martel. He had his own brand of perfume called “Arrogance”, which was kept in a large atomizer and would be sprayed in the eyes of his opponents to blind them. He also wore a Turquoise sport coat, complete with a large novelty button that read “Yes, I am a Model” to the ring. Now, I ask you to please show Rick some manners and watch his brilliant vignettes here:

“Put the breaks on the fast lane, and accellerate into the fast lane with Arrogance”

I can’t speak on what fate had in store for Rick, but I’d like to think he relocated somewhere up in Northern Alaska, far away from his enemies, where he has taken over a small town, turning all the locals into factory workers, making them work relentlessly to push thousands of units a day of his “Arrogance” perfume, while Rick spends his days lounging in his sauna with a girl dangling from each arm.



Various taglines from 1987’s The Principal:

“Rick Latimer had nothing to lose…until he was given the one job nobody else dared take.”

“An educator who never plays by the rules. A high school where the only law is survival. Will he break it before it breaks him?”

“Welcome to Brandel High…where two men who’ve never done ANYTHING by the book are laying down the law.”

“To get this job, he had to be crazy. To survive it, he’ll have to get even crazier.”

“To tame the roughest, meanest and wildest high school in the district, they needed an administrator who was rougher, meaner and wilder. Enter Rick Latimer.”

“He’s teaching the students at Brandel High two words… NO MORE.”

“At a high school where the students major in arson, extortion and assault, the new principal and the head of security just might be crazy enough to turn things around.”


This is the reason you wake up at night in a cold sweat. Steve Moore’s hauntingly beautiful Fever Dream. Make no mistake, this dream is a reality.

You can be fully conscious when the song starts, but the waves of synthesizer will wash over you and your mind will begin to wander out unwillingly into the fog. The first layer is gentle and captivating, which floats seamlessly over an ominous rhythm that feels like it’s slowly creeping towards you. Beware. Something else is lurking behind the layered rhythms…it slowly reveals itself from the mist and takes you to another level. Once the song ends you realize you have been in a trance for some time. It’s OK. It was only a dream. This track originally surfaced as a bonus on his Demo 2003 LP (get on that if you haven’t already, will ya). This 10’’ release, out on the Mexican Summer label next month, pairs the track with another eerie dreamscape called 30,000 Feet Deep

The album art, pictured above, clearly matches the mood of the music it contains which will be a nice addition to your vinyl collection. Mr. Moore should already be on your radar, but if he is not, you have some homework to do. Take a leisurely stroll to his blog for updates on his upcoming work. I thank Uncle T for having me listen to Zombi’s ‘Surface To Air’ a few years back which introduced me to the wizard behind the keys, Steve Moore. It’s an honor to post here at TNUC. Uncle T and I are cut from the same cloth…Denim. Our mutual love for Steven Seagal’s ‘Out For Justice’, synthesizers, pizzas, strip clubs, and New England construction has provided the foundation for a great friendship.

– Jared Haselton a.k.a. Relax English (East Coast contributor to the TNUC book of enlightenment.) –


What I envisioned this release to sound like has now far exceeded my expectations. I posted about Steven Falken’s Visions EP a few weeks ago, but now that it’s surfaced, this sonic eruption is far more greater than I ever imagined. With only four songs, Mr. Falken manages to capture a sound that can’t help but draw you into a world of rich synthesizers, mansions on a hill, and Miami-drenched nightlife. Listen to the full-length effort below.



14 tracks / 63 minutes / 1 Swayze.

This very well could be the most important post on Uncle TNUC, and also could be the last, so listen up…It’s been a little over a week since we heard the horrific news of Patrick Swayze’s death. I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates, but as you can imagine, the magnitude of his death struck grief and sorrow throughout the TNUC camp. TNUC basically came to a screeching hault and to be honest, in light of this tragedy, the future of TNUC was seriously in question. When a loss this severe arrives, it feels like a part of your youth and upbringing closes its door. Yet through this loss, I’ve gained knowledge and learned something. I’ve learned that the one thing EVERY ONE knows about me, is my love for SWAYZE. I was amazed and shocked to see how many condolences I received over the week. I think it really hit me when artist LexiconDon said to me, “My heart goes out to you. SWAYZE was like a brother to you”. It’s true. From Road House, to Youngblood, to Point Break, to Black Dog, I literally swear by these films. I mean, how many people do you know that can say they own a Road House super-size half-naked SWAYZE poster, Road House soundtrack (on cassette), Road House beer coaster, Road House official Japanese movie program and the Tiger Warsaw soundtrack on Vinyl. And the list goes on, no kidding.

The heart wrenching week ended with a sign of hope that swept over me like a proud eagle. I closed my week-long grieving session with attending a rare screening at New Beverly Cinema of SWAYZE’S tractor-trailer-truck-testosterone-thriller, Black Dog. As I polished off my 17th beer of the night, I clenched my grip around the can, raising it in the air, thanking the higher powers that movies like this actually existed, courtesy of THE MAN. I could go on and on about the man but a proper 500th viewing of Road House is calling my name.

But before I go, I’d like to share a very special mix I’ve put together in honor of SWAYZE’S accomplishments. Some of the songs you’ll find on this collection are from his movies, but most are not. PROUD EAGLE: A Salute to SWAYZE, is primarily a collection of songs for you to take a deep dive into the memories of this cinematic icon and also the decade, respectively. Like this blog, this mix has songs for every type of listener. The last thing we want people to do is brush it off like the countless mixes posted on countless blogs. We’ve got something that appeals to every one. There’s dreamwave delights, SWAYZE essentials, soundtrack staples and even a couple monster ballads. Also note that even though the songs are included as individual tracks, and not put together as one continuous mix, they still should be played in numbered order! (track listing is in comment section)


Good thing I have this Road House Survival Kit, because tragedies like this one take time to recover from. This kit should help nurse the emotional wounds. Immediately following his death, I frantically tried finding information on funeral arrangements, but then when I came to my senses, I realized that paying respects to a casket holding a lifeless body is NOT what Dalton would have wanted. His spirit and legacy lives on and thrives in the hearts of all of his supporters. A few days later I read that he was cremated, and his ashes were blown into the wind over his ranch in New Mexico. I love this man.


Something has been lurking from beneath, ready to explode upon the city streets to inspire young minds and strengthen young hearts. Local villagers say its those damn underground sewer dwellers that have become so troublesome…little to they know it’s just TNUC viciously at work in the lab.

Futurecop! have tapped yours truly, to deliver a new video for their upcoming single, 1988 Girls. This marks the second opus by Futurecop! that TNUC has lent his helping hand to. After the global success of the Karate Kids video, a triumphant return only felt right, and was soon on the horizon. So what can you expect to see in this visual feast for the eyes? Without giving too much away, you can look forward to plenty of bubblegum teenies, extreme-close-ups, dreamscapes, shade-tippin’ and a certain family-friendly Sasquatch that we’ve grown to love along the years.

For now, to quench your thirst for all things TNUC, here are two tracks that I’ve been waiting for the right time to post. The first is a song that every time I hear it, reminds me of Futurecop!. It’s the main title theme to the 1987 comedy, Overboard. If I hadn’t seen the movie, I would almost believe it if they told me that this song was part of some “early demo sessions” stage of the group. Listen to these melodies and try and tell me it doesn’t have that Futurecop! grace & charm…

The second track of equal importance and relevance is dug deeply from the 1983 Private School soundtrack. One of the many fixations that TNUC and Futurecop! share is the love for 80’s-dream-teen, Phoebe Cates (see above photo). This girl turned boys into men. If i’m not watching her infamous slow-motion build-up bikini scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, then I’m definitely watching the scene in Private School that features the following bubblegum hit. OK, time for me to put this little number on repeat, fall asleep, and dream of Phoebe Cates coming through my window to have a pillow fight in my bedroom.  

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