In 1986, Italian horror mastermind Lamberto Bava unleashed Demoni (Demons) to audiences worldwide. The plot revolves around a clan of bloodthirsty demons that take over a movie theater and demand the flesh of each and every movie-goer. The members of the audience, including a few innocent teenies, a blind guy and an unforgettable pimp, must all fight to stay alive. Even a few cocaine-fueled local ruffians show up to take part in the gorefest, and one of them (the leader) could absolutely be Sylvester Stallone’s retarded twin.

As the above photo suggests, Demons is one of the ultimate films to catch on the big screen if you can. With the film’s setting being a movie theater, a certain mood is set in which you, as a fellow cinema patron much like the victims, feel part of the gruesomeness. And did I mention classic scenes such as a girl’s face bursting and puss-spewing as she transforms into a demon? Or the lead male character severing the limbs of demons with a sword while riding a dirt-bike?



…On top of that completely annihilating trailer is a soundtrack to the film that features a number of hard-pumping tunes from Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Saxon, The Scorpions, Rick Springfield and Accept. In the middle of all these hard-rocking hits is an even more important original score by Goblin keyboardist Claudio Simonetti. This movie has it all. The two tracks that can be heard in the film’s trailer are available for download..

2 Comments on “DEMONI.”

  1. Where I live, we don't have any theaters that show old movies, especially horror ones :(. Too bad because I don't remember ANYTHING from this movie and would love to have a chance to watch it on the big screen since the setting is a such a good “fit” like mentioned. But one thing I'll never forget is the box cover for Demons(the one with the upclose demon face). Man that scared the shit out of me anytime I went into the “horror” section! Good times…

  2. Demoni and Demoni 2 are among my favorite movies – and they are almost identical movies.

    Even the “unforgetable pimp” actor is back as almost the exact same character – the guy who helps the victims plan and fight back against the demons.. all while looking hilariously cool.

    If you like Demoni, I recommend

    Aerobicide (aka Killer Workout)

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