TNUC [tee-nuk] noun 1. A power that is ancient.

My name is Uncle TNUC (pronounced “tee-nuk”). I enjoy writing about pizza, heavy metal, horror movies, 1-900 numbers, lost warriors, forgotten icons, misunderstood powerhouses and Kelly Bundy. 

In the beginning, TNUC had all the normal teenage fantasies…Cars, Girls, Money. Then his parents left for a week and all those fantasies came true. This is the place where those fantasies will slowly unfold. TNUC is a sweaty trip to the edge…and past it. Prepare yourself for a new dimension in seduction.

An untamed land — a superhuman warrior. Welcome to The Land of TNUC.


One Comment on “WHO IS TNUC?

  1. Uncle Thug
    The Wrestler Known as L.A. Gore
    has wrestled in more then 6 matches.

    Win Loss Record
    Total number of matches
    Total number of wins
    4 (19.0%)
    Total number of losses
    16 (76.2%)
    Total number of draws
    1 (4.8%)


    Championships And Accomplishments
    08.06.1993 – 08.06.1993
    ICW Tag Team Champion (with Jimmy Deo)

    Championships And Accomplishments Links
    Link 1

    15 Man Battle Royal: LA Gore defeats ??? and Damien Stone and Flex Lavender and Gino Caruso and Gravedigger and Jacknife Johnny and Johnny Rotten and Mr. Somalia and Nikolai Volkoff and Primo Carnera III and Ray Odyssey and The Kodiak Bear and The Tazmaniac and Tommy Dreamer

    Link 2

    Championships And Accomplishments All Together

    Winning a title and winning a 15 man battle royal with 14 eliminations
    so 14+2=16.

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