TNUC [tee-nuk] noun 1. A power that is ancient.

My name is Uncle TNUC (pronounced “tee-nuk”). I enjoy writing about Pizza Hut, heavy metal, horror movies, 1-900 numbers, lost warriors, forgotten icons, misunderstood powerhouses and Kelly Bundy. 

“In the beginning, TNUC had all the normal teenage fantasies…Cars, Girls, Money. Then his parents left for a week and all those fantasies came true. This is the place where those fantasies will slowly unfold. TNUC is a sweaty trip to the edge…and past it. Prepare yourself for a new dimension in seduction…”

An untamed land — a superhuman warrior. Welcome to The Land of TNUC.


2 Comments on “WHO IS TNUC?”

  1. Love your remixes. are you still remixing for a fee? I’m JT from the Dallas, Tx electronic act Ishi. Let me know.

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