At last…IT’S HERE. After nearly three decades of searching cabins, bunk beds, canoes, showers, the boathouse, mess hall and almost every square inch of our campgrounds, we finally unearthed the original, official summer soundtrack from Camp TNUC!

As legend has it, during a naked long-butt waterski competition in ’89 sponsored by Body Glove, the only copy of the cassette tape launched into Lake Waramaug, sinking into the abyss of its contaminated waters and never to be seen again.

Uncle T hired divers who spent months searching for the sacred tape. The heartbroken head counselor shelled out his complete savings and eventually became so stir crazy he had the entire lake drained with still no sign of the tape. Authorities and townsfolk chased him out of the area and he fled to Mexico.

Fast forward to Summer 2018 and a news story broke out that the deceased body of Camp TNUC’s old pervert janitor ‘Sludge’ had turned up in a rural wooded area. When authorities picked through the dilapidated shed he was living inside, one of the items that turned up was a moss covered, muck infested cassette tape with a barely legible engraving of “Camp TNUC’s Summer Camp Mix”.

As to how this deformed weirdo we fired 30 years ago ended up with the tape? Your guess is as good as mine. Uncle T is just overjoyed and relieved that our prized possession finally came home. After some negotiating with the local police, we retrieved the tape and cleaned it up.

Now fill up that super soaker, grab a cold beer or Capri Sun from the fridge, press play and

Special thanks to my good friends Chad Allegro, Misty and Wheeler who without them this mix wouldn’t have been possible!

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8 Comments on “SUMMER CAMP MIX.”

  1. Another fantastic mix, Uncle T. Perfect for summer nights partying around a bonfire at the beach and doing lines of blow to stay up all night.

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    • Thanks! Here’s the playlist…

      Camp TNUC Kids Chorus – Are You Ready for the Summer?
      38 Special – Back to Paradise
      Joe Satriani – Summer Song
      Loosely Tight – Bombs Away
      Kenny Loggins – No Lookin’ Back
      3-Speed – Wind Me Up
      Comsat Angels – I’m Falling
      John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band – Voice of America’s Sons
      Joseph Williams – Turn It Up
      Journey – Suzanne
      Survivor – High on You
      Wang Chung – Fire in the Twilight
      Kenny Loggins – I’m Free
      Keith Forsey – I’m the Dude
      King Kobra – Party Animal
      Eddie Money – I Wanna Go Back

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