Uncle T is the last guy you’ll hear complaining about the summer. He cherishes the heat, loves the ocean, the babes, the smell of sunscreen and a good old fashioned ketchup & mustard & hot dog food fight on the beach. Having said that, I also follow the philosophy that when summer needs to go…IT NEEDS TO GO.

It used to be exclusively October, but now when September hits, all I thirst for is chilly nights, foggy graveyards, witchy women, rubber bats, creepy basements, Elvira’s cleavage, moonlit metal, ceramic pumpkins and night rides to that old victorian mansion on the hill with the iron gates.

So before autumn hits and TNUC is seen galloping into the night screaming “I’M HERE LORD!!! I’M READY!!!” like one of those loony cult kids in 1984’s Children of the Corn, we should probably bid a proper farewell to summer.

We’re ending summer 2018 on a positive note. Here’s a bouncy, soothing number that didn’t make it on Camp TNUC’s Official Summer Mixtape. It’s the seldomly mentioned ending theme from Nickelodeon’s hit TV show Salute Your Shorts.


3 Comments on “SO LONG, SUMMER.”

  1. Great post, my bud. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Summers are always awesome. The babes, the long-butts, the endless amounts of blow, sleeping all day and partying all night, but I’m ready for Fall and October. Can’t wait to see and hear (the Halloween Mixtape) what you have in store for us disciples.

  2. NOOOO September is still summer! Don’t let go! It makes me extremely angry that stores already stock Halloween things and don’t get me started on the Starbucks fall crap.

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