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What’s cooler than a strikingly hot Helen Slater as a teenage Texan Joan of Arc in a a ripped-sleeve wetsuit, emotive declarations punctuated by Human League drum machines, and a fight over Honda scooter catalyzing a social movement? That’s right — NOTHING! Which is why Cinefamily is thrilled to present an ultra-rare screening of the unjustly obscure, feminist-flavored juggernaut The Legend Of Billie Jean. Billie Jean just wants what’s fair: for the bullies that trashed her brother’s scooter to pay for the repairs. But her attempt to collect avalanches into a series of worse injustices that send her, and her gang of teen runaways (including Yeardley “Lisa Simpson” Smith), on the lam. Her quest of justice incites a full-on teenage revolution and poises Billie Jean as a modern day messiah for wayward girls everywhere. Jammed with wall-to-wall synth-pop from the likes of Billy Idol and Pat Benatar, Billie Jean is the empowering, hilarious, and all-together awesome ‘80s epic that Makes A Difference. So get those fists in the air! ‘Cause fair is fair!

On top of that, Helen Slater will make a special appearance for a Q & A after the film. Plus, Cinefamily is giving away free “Billie Jean style” haircuts at the door and anyone who participates gets early entry and free admission. Unbelievable!

Tickets $12

5 Comments on “LEGEND.”

  1. Looking at the photo of Helen Slater, my lord. Guys, and a lot of women for that matter, will be drooling everywhere. She'd really make a good match with the TNUC logo, actually. They'd make a really cute couple.

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