Face it, you’ve heard the song 49,876 times. But have you seen the following?

Press play and hold on to your privates…

First of all, he’s singing THE greatest montage song ever created by man. Robert Tepper EXPLODES in this performance of the classic song from Rocky IV with a full dosage of ol’ 100% pure adrenaline…with maybe some cocaine sprinkled on top, lets be honest. This electrifying performance with facial expressions that would give Gary Busey a run for his money, also comes complete with pelvic thrusts, a mullet that should require some sort of permit, fog, extreme fist-pumps, strobe lights and a guitar solo that makes my fingers burn just watching. Personally, I haven’t been to enough Bobby Tepper concerts to tell you if each and every performance is like this one.
Start paying immediate attention at around the 2:43 mark in the clip. Tepper slows things down, moistening some panties of the crowd and questioning in his mind about how much white lightning he has left in the dressing room. Then its time for him to turn things back up. Now watch closely at his ability to bring things back to the absolute rampage that is this performance. With a menacing look on his face and an epic left-handed fist-pump, he reclaims his title for COOLEST MAN ALIVE.

5 Comments on “THE COOLEST MAN ALIVE.”

  1. sunday i found out about the vince dicola release of ROCKY IV, then i found the picture of dolph crockett and now this. there's gotta be a connection, like fate is trying to get a message over.

  2. Hey Uncle T, though nothing is more impressive visually speaking of Robert Tepper performance, I wanted to let you know that Bullet for My Valentine did a pretty titdripping cover of this track on a Japanese import.

    RIP P. Swayze, gone but never forgotten

  3. omg how much this cover version sucks, bobby tepper would crush this weak slick singer with one look. i want those 4 minutes of listening to that crap back! no zinn at all!

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