OK, besides ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ host Robert Stack, and maybe the ‘Monster Truck Rally’ voice-over guy, this man, Percy Rodrigues, has the most electrifying and spine-chilling voice I’ve ever heard. Rodrigues was the go-to guy for 70’s and 80’s horror movie trailers and you can hear him in trailers for some of the best films of the genre; ‘Jaws’, ‘Return of the Living Dead’, ‘Chopping Mall’, ‘Children of the Corn’, ‘Creepshow 2’, ‘The Gate’, ‘Popcorn’, ‘Night of the Creeps’ and a couple ‘Friday the 13th’ films.

His rich, deep voice combined with incredible dramatic pauses made for the perfect delivery. Forget about heavy metal singers trying to sound tough and evil, you could give Rodrigues a summary about flowers & lambs and a microphone and he could scare the pants off anyone, with calmness and ease.

The following are my top 6 favorite Percy Rodrigues-voiced horror movie trailers…

Exhibit 6: Chopping Mall (1986)
“Chopping Mall, where shopping…costs you an arm…and a leg.”

Exhibit 5: They Came From Within (1975)
“If this picture doesn’t make you scream and squirm, you’d better see a psychiatrist….quick.”

Exhibit 4: Creepshow 2 (1987)
“So don’t just sit there…..walk…drive….swim if you have to. But whatever you do, don’t take your time. Because the scares come twice as quickly in………Creepshow 2.”

Exhibit 3: House (1986)
“House…..enter…at your owwwwwn risk.”

Exhibit 2: The Stuff (1985)

Exhibit 1: The Gate (1987)
“There is a passageway. To the most evil place you can imagine. A gate….behind which the demons wait….to take back what was once theirs.”


  1. Damn man….you're like the 80's encyclopedia. How the heck do you remember all this stuff? But glad you do cos it brings back the “good times”. Also never knew how this guy looked like 🙂 Never pictured him like that.

  2. Thanks a ton for this great post. I just watched Night of the Creeps which Mr.Rodrigues does the trailer for. Perfect voice for selling these films. I'm throwing together a Halloween mix and am now seriously considering throwing in a few of Percy's tag line quotes. Thanks again!

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