It remains a staple of the genre and The Shining still stands on its own for a number of reasons. From the opening titles of the film, no time is wasted in kicking you into an almost hypnotic state, bringing immense feelings of isolation. The atmosphere of this film is already heavy. Society and any trace of civilization are left far behind. The camera swoops over a lake and finds itself following a VW Beetle through endless windy road. Then we’re flown over tall pines, mountainsides and snow-brushed land. Only miles of bleak landscape and the vast unknown lie ahead.

The eerie concoction of Stanley Kubrick’s magnificent style of filmmaking plus Wendy Carlos’s daunting score create an ambiance that is unforgettable. To me, out of the two driving scenes to the hotel, the following track from the film’s soundtrack was always just a little more frightening. ‘Rocky Mountains’ plays during the Torrance family’s long drive up to the hotel when they’re having a discussion about the mountain air….and cannibalism.

6 Comments on “THE DRIVE.”

  1. The track used for “The Drive” was perfect. Scary, eerie, deranged. Why the hell don't they do that nowadays? I need to buy this soundtrack…

  2. For a second there I thought you were going to post about “The Drive” that happens in every Friday the 13th and like Slasher movies including “The Raft”. You know the drive up to camp at the beginning of all these movies. Are there better moments in cinema than those drives? Boozing up, wooing, blasting radio, making the “good girls” uncomfortable, flashing, getting ready for a big weekend screw-fest. Every single one is like a typical TNUC road trip. I'd love a “Drive” montage.

  3. Dudee….i'm obsessed with THE RAFT. I posted it last year around this time. I'm fucking LIVID that Vimeo shut my channel down. I'm planning on slowly re-building a channel though. But you're right, a “Drive” montage would be pretty bonkers..

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