That wise-cracking, pizza loving neanderthal Uncle TNUC (tee-nuk) is back at it again folks. Over the last two months he’s been held up in his backyard treehouse hangout, eating bag after bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos, watching horror movies and mulling over the details to this new land that we’re calling home.

Weclome to the brand new, unadulterated, unprotected LAND OF TNUC!

American Manimal

The only monumental movement I can compare this change to is when the Double Deuce bar went through it’s slick new renovations. The honky tonk hell-house that was once home to sleazebags and degenerates galore was transformed into a red-hot slice of nightlife, thanks to one man with a vicious mane and freshly ironed pair of slacks. Just like Dalton, Uncle T simply took out the trash and never forgot to “be nice”.


Make no mistake, the grittiness and slaughterhouse-mentality of our old stomping grounds still remains. The place just needed a renovation. So expect to see what we hold forever true; pizza, long-butt babes, fog, synthesizers, wailing guitars, mud wrestling, loincloths, barbarians, saxophones, lethal manes, trenchcoats, t-top convertibles, steamy back alleys, graveyards, crypts, pools lit at night, summer camp, dream-dates, explosions, and so so much more. To put it in a nutshell, our goal is to make this place give you that Friday night with a pizza and a rental from the video store feeling, every time you show up.

girl car

Now a question: What do all true cults and covens have in common? Answer: They NEVER want you to leave. That’s precisely what Uncle T had in mind when he designed this lustful land. The navigation bar on the side, for example, avoids having to leave and start searching elsewhere for your favorite TNUC video or mix. Just gallop over to the VIDEO VAMPS and MIXES pages and you can get lost in every video edit and harmonious meditation that we’ve ever done.

Now…onto our feature presentation…



tnuc snack pack
Stickers. Beer Koozies. Beach Balls. Head over to our new store, THE FOOD COURT to grab these beauties before they’re gone!

7 Comments on “A NEW BEGINNING.”

  1. I fucking love this blog! It gets better and better each month. No other blog or site captures the true spirit of the 80’s like TNUC does.

  2. Holy shit! I don’t think I ever placed an order that fast over the net. Ordered the 80’s Survival Kit Baby! Can’t wait to stick those uncle tnuc stickers on the bed side! TNUC FOREVER~~~~

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