You’ve probably never heard the words ‘Dokken‘ and ‘beach towel’ in the same sentence. That’s because for years society was deprived of being able to lay out in the sun and inspect bikinis while laying on a towel that sports our most cherished heavy metal bands…until now.

A guy in Bulgaria (of all places) has opened an Ebay store called HEADBANGER’S HEAVEN and is selling loud n’ proud heavy metal towels at a reasonable price.

From hair metal giants like Motley Crue, Ratt and Dokken…to righteous riffers like Kiss, Iron Maiden and Van Halen, you’re sure to find something up your alley. The towels are available in two sizes: sport (for the gym, sauna, solarium) and jumbo (for the beach, pool, water park). As you can see the towels are richly colored and pretty sexy so don’t be surprised if they don’t attract some attention. I can safely vouch for this seller on Ebay as I have bought several band t-shirts from him which are all incredible!

These towels couldn’t have come into TNUC’s radar at a better time. I’m supposed to be in Malibu this weekend to host a Long-Butt-Bikini-Contest and I’m in need of a new towel to dry off the salty babes as they emerge from the water. Which towel do you disciples think would be most appropriate? Take a look around the Headbanger’s Heaven store and let me know in the comment section below!

Oh, can’t leave out the most terrifying towel of them all, but maybe the best:


  1. Fantastic find! I was scrolling through his ebay store and was wondering if he had any Michael Jackson towels since he did a great job with the rest of his inventory. I'll be buying a few thanks to you. Cheers mate!

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