I don’t know what I was thinking with that “Top 11” list I made for July 4th last week. If I had known about this masterpiece, nothing would have mattered but the following 3-minutes and 50-seconds:

Thanks to my Cro-magnon colleague Mike Ballermann, I’ve now been introduced to German pop-sensation Thomas Anders. Note to everyone: model your life after this guy. I thought I was the only sane person around here that understood how important it was to not work a day in your life, instead drive around sports cars barefoot all day under the sunny palm trees, singing and smiling while my extra-long ponytail sways in the breeze. Seriously, Thomas’s love for EVERYTHING American/Californian should be taught in classrooms and lecture halls across this great nation. From the Pacific Ocean to Arby’s, he cherishes it ALL and wants YOU to know how happy it makes him feel.

“A house on the hill and a car full of plastic and chrome
The radio’s blastin’, I feel like I’ve finally come home
I drive through the canyon aware of the air that I breathe
It’s hot here in heaven but hell – it don’t matter to me..”

I’m fairly confident Thomas Anders and Uncle TNUC were separated at birth. From cruising down the PCH with one-dangling earring glistening in the sun…to dancing/twirling on lifeguard towers at sunset when nobody else is around, it’s the only reasonable thought that makes any sense. Some may argue that the guy in this video is actually TNUC, but I would assure those people that it’s not. We’ve just been living identical lifestyles without even knowing it.

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