Consistently over the years one of the most sought out, ancient mysteries at TNUC Laboratories is that of the Barbarian Brothers. From their film career, to music videos, to even Barbaric fashions, the quest is never ending when it comes to these two Cro-magnon meatballs. We have scientists, historians and scholars working around the clock to find out anything and everything, from their origins to their whereabouts today.  We’ve literally searched databases, abandoned gyms and interviewed countless meathead-mutants at Venice Beach to gather as much information as possible about the twins. The fact that they had such an explosion for such a brief amount of time, then to be dropped off the face of the earth so abruptly, adds to the reason why they’re iconic figures around these parts. Just like lost legends such as The Boz, Vanity, Beer Wolf and Cannon Films, they are everything TNUC stands for and earn a righteous spot in the TNUC ALUMNI.

We’re pleased to announce that for the first time ever, one of the most rare and obscure songs ever to be connected with a motion picture (not on soundtrack, no actual release…ever) has now been lyric-dissected by TNUC himself and presented here today. Tip: Listen to the song and follow along with David and Peter to the lyrics, like one of those Disney sing-a-longs.

“I’M A WILD ONE” LYRICS (as transcribed by Uncle T)
For survival, the stronger, the free
No matter what you say, i’m gonna be me!
That which will not kill me, will make me strong
Don’t preach to me about right and wrong
I’m filled with anger, with force and rage
Am I an animal that belongs in a cage?
The monkey, it climbed up the highest tree
The higher he climbed, the further he could see
I’m a wild one (I’m a wild one)
I’m a wild one (no one owns me)
I’m a wild one (I’m a wild one)
I’m a wild one (no one owns me)

[Barbarian quotes] 

I never give up, i’ll never give in
I’m never gonna stop, i’ll fight until I win
The innocent man, to the golden age
The troubles the same, only the faces change
BRUTE STRENGTH…with it, i’m the king of the hill
BRUTE STRENGTH…without it, i’m the run of the mill
BRUTE STRENGTH…it’s the answer for all mankind

BRUTE STRENGTH…it’s the force, it’s the power of the mind! 

I’m a wild one (I’m a wild one)
I’m a wild one (no one owns me)
I’m a wild one (I’m a wild one)
I’m a wild one (no one owns me)

 Guitar Solo! 

Synth Solo!

If every woman and every man
Stood on the corner of every land
And shouted real loud “I’M A WILD ONE”
It could rock the earth, it could shade the sun
I’m a wild one (I’m a wild one)
I’m a wild one (no one owns me)
I’m a wild one (I’m a wild one)
I’m a wild one (no one owns me)

p.s. If anyone agrees with me that Powerglove should totally do a version of this song in their style, like they did with ‘Maximum Potential’, drop them a comment on their FB page. I’ll start pooling some cash together if necessary. It just makes sense.


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