Just when you thought these two meatballs couldn’t possibly do anymore damage than they’ve already done in the motion picture business and bodybuilding culture, here they are with their bonafide one-and-only hit, ‘I’m A Wild One’. Peter Paul and David Paul (The Barbarian Brothers) recorded this to promote their debut film, The Barbarians back in 1987. The musical meatheads were aided by famed soundtrack artist Michael Sembello, who you will hear singing the hook. As you know, Michael is best known for his song, ‘Maniac’ off the Flashdance soundtrack. He also worked on music for Gremlins and The Monster Squad, among others. My favorite aspect of The Barbarians was that it took place during medieval times yet the two goons have Brooklyn accents. If you are the kind of person that likes 1980’s neanderthal vocals mixed with 2nd-grade lyrics, then without further ado, we proudly present ‘I’am A Wild One’ to you.


Believe it or not, ‘I’m A Wild One’ is exceedingly rare. The song wasn’t featured in any part of the movie and the music heard in The Barbarians was primarily an instrumental score by Pino Donaggio. Aside from this music video, its origin is unknown, which makes it THAT more of a true-blue TNUC anthem. I simply cannot deny the song’s infectious jingle, and will continue to hum the melody until my dying day.

Official music video:

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