Australian future hunters Power Glove just released ‘Telecom’, a motivational track in which you can literally hear the frequencies and waves blistering between early phone systems such as the Sports Illustrated Football Phone and a cutting edge device like the one pictured above, such as the Radio Shack CT 200 portable phone. Radio Shack keeps you in constant communication with their transportable AND affordable cellular telephone. Use it in the car, so you, or mom and the kids will never have to drive “alone” again. Or pick it up and carry it down the street or at the job site. This 3-watt transportable phone is yours today for the low price of $1199.00 (mobile antenna and portable adapter pack extra).
We should all be proud of Power Glove for having some of their music featured in the upcoming exploitation film Hobo With a Shotgun, which will be in theaters next month. No word of a release date for the soundtrack, but stay tuned.


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