It’s a good thing that the fine experts and engineers at Southern Sun Solariums have created ‘The Philips Sunpanel’, a fully operational solution to your nighttime tanning withdrawals. The Sunpanel easily mounts to any wall and tans two adults at once.


Maybe tonight you and a chosen woman will warm up under the radiation-emitting light bulbs while laying on your waterbed with a couple of pina coladas. Before you get your hands sticky with various oils and lotions, be sure to set Lovelock’s latest single, ‘Maybe Tonight’ on the turntable and queue up the Morgan Geist 9-minute instrumental edit…

Buy the vinyl + digital releases here

5 Comments on “MAYBE TONIGHT.”

  1. Your blog gets better and better Uncle T. Keep up the awesome work, this is one of the few blogs I visit daily. I can't wait for the TNUC summer line of shirts.

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