It’s scenes like this that continue to rock my senses to this day. Note: if the sun is rising or setting wherever you are in the world right now, you’re in for a treat. If not, don’t fret, because this scene is about to take you there.

The heart-wrenching loss of co-pilot Goose was one of the biggest blows to mankind. But if you can somehow find the strength to pull yourself away from the grieving process for a moment, you’ll find solitude in this stunning clip. Here, Maverick is visiting Viper at his home on a late Sunday afternoon, coincidently the same time this post is being written. The loss of Goose is still very fresh in the air and the emotion is felt immensely in this scene. This is where my new-found appreciation for Top Gun stems from. The movie paints a picturesque vision of California that is unmatched in any other film. Add a chunk of swooping synths and ripping guitars to the score and you’ve found the key to TNUC’s heart. I’m on my 95th play of this scene and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

With a popular and stellar soundtrack from start to finish, the Harold Faltermeyer track in this scene is missing. They’ve yet to release a full score or anything of greater quality than the following file. This was taken from a bootleg score of the movie. If you’d like to see Harold pull everything from his mighty vault and release something remastered that you can blast on your home audio system as you watch the tide come in from your porch, send Screen Archives a message demanding they do just that. In the mean time, here’s a free stream + download to get you through the next sunrise/sunset.

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