John Hughes 1950 – 2009

Sixteen Candles

The Breakfast Club
European Vacation
Weird Science
Pretty in Pink
Ferris Bueler’s Day Off
Some Kind of Wonderful
Planes, Trains & Automobiles
The Great Outdoors
Uncle Buck
Christmas Vacation
Home Alone

…just to name a few. Writer, director and producer John Hughes was able to charm an audience and enter the heart of the young like no other. He got what it was like to be a teenager and the effect of his films still resonate with so many people, including myself. I encourage anyone who’s a fan of John’s movies to read a recent tribute to him entitled Sincerely, John Hughes. This touching story about a girl who wrote letters back and forth to John also goes on to explain why he left Hollywood and about how a big reason behind his decision to give it all up was that “they” (Hollywood) had “killed” his friend, John Candy, by greedily working him too hard.

Here’s a beautiful piece of music by The Dream Academy from Planes, Trains & Automobiles. I’ve been waiting to post this on here for a while. You’ll vividly remember the scene when you hear the song. 

UNCLE TNUC, descendant of Uncle Buck.


Sometimes, if I’m having trouble sleeping at night, I’ll ride the bus through Chinatown with the echoes of this song repeating in my head, while I reminisce as I drift into the night.

Stan Bush – On My Own – Alone (Bloodsport) download


Here’s an additional pizza commercial memory that I can’t believe I left out yesterday. If you had monumental plans, goals or dreams for the future, better take a rain check. Apparently the key to the future is, well, PIZZA. So brace yourself for flying cars, steamy streets of fog and authorities wearing robotic-talking hats. Best part is, you don’t have to wait long. All this comes in six short years!



“Wise man say, forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza” – TMNT

Is there anything better in this world than kicking back on a Friday to enjoy a delicious slice of pizza washed down with an ice cold Pepsi? Nope, there’s not.  So here are TNUC’s top (4) pizza commercial memories…

#1 – Sincerity, meaningfulness, emotion. Feelings felt when sitting down to eat a Pizza Hut Pan Pizza.
∇   ∇   ∇

#2 – “SVEN”. You know that when this scene ended, he called up Dolph Lundgren and after crushing beers and hanging out in woolly sweaters, they beat the piss out of of those clowns in the commercial for making fun of his “Swedish” non-existent-pan-pizza-lifestyle. Just look at his expression as he devours that cheese. I don’t care what his peers claimed in the clip, Sven has to be German!
This one’s dedicated to Mike Ballermann.
∇   ∇   ∇

#3 – Anyone who owns the legendary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VHS tape has to remember this one. The little league baseball team celebrates a game-winning catch by heading to their neighborhood Pizza Hut. Years later I would be forced to retire my copy of the tape, from too many viewings and a mysterious cheese oozing out of the cassette from time to time. “Makin’ it great!”
∇   ∇   ∇

#4 – 
(Look out, Uncle T appearance!) Spotted briefly in a dark room digging into a slice at 0:14 seconds into the clip.

∇   ∇   ∇   ∇   ∇   ∇   ∇   ∇
*Big thanks to Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Kevin McCallister and Pizza Hut for their continued support*




Break out the mirrors & razor blades, it’s Rod Stewart’s slick number “Some Guys Have All the Luck” like you’ve never heard/seen it before. I don’t even know where to start. From the pedophile-on-a-coke-bender vocalist to the happy, oily bassists (sporting glittery vests, bandannas and practicing synchronized leg-kicks). And what’s with the karate kid character in the back slaying the snare drum? Get Creepy.

I’d like to tip my hat to whoever booked these savages for this party. You better believe that when these guys weren’t pulling gigs at bowling alleys and empty disco halls, they were piling into the 84′ Chevy Van (the one with the giant, flaming, golden hawk painted on the side and velvet interior) to comb the local high school parking lots, prowling for…

I think I speak for the TNUC disciples when I say that these guys could rock a party at the TNUC dome any time/any place!


If the answer is YES, then you’re ready for CAPTAIN FREEDOM’S WORKOUT!

We wouldn’t sell you short with that 24 second clip…so here’s the full theme, courtesy of ICS, the network that brought you the #1 rated television show in the whole wide world, THE RUNNING MAN.

**Remember: Tickets for the ICS studio tour are always available for Class-A citizens in good standing. If you’d like to be a contestant on THE RUNNING MAN, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: ICS Talent Hunt, care of your local affiliate, and then go out and do something really despicable!

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