Over the Top BRUT Sweepstakes

If you know your Over the Top, then you know how vital product placement was in the making of this motion picture. Absurd amounts of product placement. Leave it to the united powerhouse of Stallone and Cannon Films to partner up with everyone from Alker Seltzer and Carl’s Jr…..to Soloflex and Pizza Hut. But our favorite by far is their alliance with the popular men’s grooming product Brut. Known mostly for their cologne and deodorant, Brut claims that they “position themselves to live up to their tag-line…The Essence of Man.” What better product choice could there be? Lincoln Hawk of course hauls around a Brut semi-truck in the film…but beyond that, during the release of the movie there was a Brut SWEEPSTAKES. Play the video below to find out what lucky winners received if they hit the mighty jackpot..

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