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Review by: Mike Ballermann

It’s the year 1990. The Ultimate Warrior just defeated Hulk Hogan at WRESTLEMANIA VI…the days of heavy metal make-up are gone but the era of the Crude Dude ‘modern day neanderthal’ has kicked in with full effect. Legendary heavy metal guitarist George Lynch left Dokken in the dust to form his own band with singer Oni Logan, who had just left his L.A. based band Ferrari. In 1990 they released WICKED SENSATION.

First, take a glance at this Lynch Mob promo shot. This band could easily be mistaken for a biker gang in the movie STONE COLD and Wicked Sensation would be the ideal choice of soundtrack. Singles ‘River of Love’ and the title track kick the album off like a heavy metal grenade launch.

‘Sweet Sister Mercy’ will echo in your brain like sucking down a Slush Puppie from the mini-mart due to the anthemic chorus and blues harmonica played by singer Oni. The lyrics speak of some mysterious alley cat… speaking of alley cats, up next is ‘All I Want’, a sleaze-filled, mid-tempo song that the magically babelicious chick at your local biker bar would be banging her head to, standing by the jukebox in daisy dukes, black cowboy boots and belly-shirt.

This masterpiece of badassness culminates with the epic opus ‘For a Million Years’. This song answers every essential question about the meaning of life both lyrically and musically. The grand, illustrious instrumental middle-part with over the top guitar work by Lynch himself will make you feel like an untouchable God. It paints the perfect picture for riding your Harley to the top of a mountain to watch the eagles fly into the sunset while you light a lucky strike (no filter). During the final song on the album, ‘Street Fighting Man’, Lynch goes totally berzerk and shows off those insane, possessed guitar skills with solos that ain’t from this world. Much like this clip of Lynch shredding the day away at his California ranch home..

Get this record…hop on your bike…drive it through the desert to the destination that resembles the Double Deuce the most, then play it loud and see what happens!                           


Buy Wicked Sensation here

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