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Review by: Mike Ballermann 

Once upon a time, on a Saturday in 1990, a true-2-the-bone Crude Dude awoke at noon while still sporting his Nike Force shorts and pink Body Glove shirt. He began sobering up following last night’s win at the beer shotgunnin’ contest at the arcade by smashin’ three fistfuls of Ralston’s Batman Cereal into his bowl, totally neglecting the fact that his paper route should’ve been done five hrs earlier. He kicked his Air Jordan IV hi-tops on the coffee table, sunk deep into the couch and hit the play button on his VCR to catch last night’s recording of MTV’s “Headbangers Ball”. This is what he saw…

San Francisco’s BABYLON A.D. are truly one of the most underrated forgotten gems of the Crude Dude era. Their 1989 self-titled debut album is considered a true classic among the Crude Dude community worldwide. So why did these kids never get the fame and credit of Mötley or Cinderella?

For starters, like many other bands at the tail end of the decade and beginning of the 1990’s, the piss-poor cover artwork didn’t help their cause. What is that actually supposed to depict? Liquid heroin? The designer must’ve been heavily chasin’ the dragon when he created this trash. But similar to other Crude Dude bands that dropped the ball with shitty artwork, you quickly learn not to judge by the lame visuals that haunted this era. Just look at the first Lynch Mob’s Wicked Sensation and Ratt’s Detonator!

The Babylon A.D. boys deliver a very pissed-off and coherent record on this debut (all killer, no filler!) The groovy opener ‘Bang Go the Bells’ is a sleazy, mid-tempo anthem made for those way too young to be denim & leather biker criminals.

This Crude gang certainly did their homework, music and style-wise. The hardest tune on the record, ‘The Kid Goes Wild’ was featured in Robocop 2, an underrated flick as well.

This song has it all. Police siren intro over guitar feedback, killer riffage, a window-shattering high scream by singer Derek Davis, lyrics that perfectly describe the Crude Dude way of life and one HARD hitting, mega pissed-off chorus to instantly ignite a punchfest at your local bar. Those sick screams over the final break of the song get you into high energy/high testosterone/high emotion mode on every conceivable level.

Be sure to bust out this track at maxxximum volume my crude brothers! Goin’ mental guaranteed! ‘The Kid Goes Wild’ is also featured on Uncle T and Big Mike’s infamous “Two Crude Dudes: Part Deux” megamix.

The hottest song on the LP has to be “Shot O’ Love”. This 6-minute über-power ballad eases into your senses thanks to the acoustic intro by Dan de la Rosa which is so pure and classy, the dude must’ve recorded it on a desert mountain wearing nothing but a purple bandana, loincloth and cowboy boots, while his lion’s mane waved in the wind. When the vocals kick in and the second guitar solo howls in the back, that initial heavy riff hits like a wrecking ball and grooves your mind straight to the final scene of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Blast this steamy slice on the tape-deck of a 1988 Camaro Iroc-Z while prowlin’ the streets of abandoned industrial parks under a full moon…then get ready for a Crude Dude time & space melting experience!


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1 Comments on “CRUDE DUDE RECORD REVIEW #6.”

  1. If bad artwork and police sirens aren’t enough to identify these forgotten gems of the bygone Crude Dude Era, let special appearance by neon-streets agitator and coming-of-age renegade Gabe Damon (aka Brooklyn) indicate that we have uncovered another essential chapter of the ‘Crude Dude Workbook’.

    Rude Rhymes & Crude Times, my bruthas.

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