Tired of all the summer camp content around here lately? Well, here comes another…so strap in or hit the road!

Fact of the matter is, we’re smack dab in the middle of summer and Camp TNUC is currently undergoing the most wild ‘n willing season in years. Besides recent highlights like our new hot nurse with the huge cleavage, or when someone set fire to lunch lady Bertha’s hairnet and then raised it on the flagpole, what’s also played a huge part in making this summer so memorable is the CRUCIAL TUNES. The right music blasting out of the right vehicle can make or break your summer at camp. Everyone knows there’s nothing better than cranking a red-hot playlist of songs and hanging by the lake with friends.

Today we’re presenting the songs from Side A of the cassette tape that was heard playing from Counselor Bobby’s ’82 Trans Am this afternoon. Enjoy!

Kenny Loggins – No Looking Back

We’ve been cruising around to the Michael McDonald version of this song for years, but Kenny sprinkles some magic on this 1985 burner that you can’t help dancing around to and jumping on your bed. Just don’t spill the Pepsi!

∇   Δ   ∇

Eddie Van Halen – Donut City

OK, time to get serrrrrrrriousss. This unreleased instrumental from guitar-molester Eddie Van Halen hails from the soundtrack to The Wild Life (1984), but more importantly makes for quite a statement when pulling up lakeside at Camp TNUC in your dream car…with your dream girl…ready to engage in an afternoon of sexy watersport hijnks. Get Set To Get Wet!

∇   Δ   ∇

Extended Double Dare Theme

Now it might be easy to laugh and shrug this one off, but please follow our instructions and give this a proper CRANK to fully absorb it. This brilliantly extended 7 minute version of the Nickelodeon classic TV show theme is now the perfect length for the main event at Camp TNUC’s 9th annual Wetbike competition! Who said a bunch of boobs can’t win a race?

∇   Δ   ∇

Chris Farren – Whole World is Celebratin’

Usually during the first week of camp Uncle T strolls in fashionably late at approximately 9pm on Friday night with a trunkful of warm beer, cigarette cartons, ‘ludes, Blockbuster VHS rentals, cans of TMNT pasta, Hormel Frank ‘N Stuff Hot Dogs, spiked red punch, Shark Bites fruit snacks, Dokken tapes, White Lion t-shirts, rubber puppets, latex monster masks, Nerf guns and a slew of neon Body Glove wetsuits. Then…he hijacks the camp loudspeaker system and plays Chris Farren’s party anthem ‘Whole World is Celebratin’ to wake everyone up and raid his merchandise!

∇   Δ   ∇

Tony Carey – The First Day of Summer

There isn’t much to say about this one, and the song isn’t even very good, but our campers demand repeated viewings of the music video on a daily basis during the summer. Just watch.

∇   Δ   ∇

Rick Wakeman – The Burning (1981) “The Wakeman Variations” 

Changing gears for a moment, this 17 minute piece contains all the music Rick Wakeman (from the band Yes) composed for the iconic summer slasher film, The Burning.

Allow this music to be the reality check that all the partying and fun at Camp TNUC comes at a price. Those deformed weirdos in the woods have been watching, waiting and planning your demise. Especially you promiscuous wanderers wearing denim short-shorts. There is very fine print in the disclaimer at the bottom of our camp brochure that specifically states “Not all campers go home alive, so bring a sleeping body bag!” 

∇   Δ   ∇

Gianni Rossi – C Beams

The closest attempt to capturing life on our campgrounds without actually being there is perfectly portrayed in this song + video. Even in the off season, whenever I hear it I’m suddenly driving down a dirt road with friends to the lake for some terror. That crunchy guitar-fuzz and bass-whomp get me every time. THE OFFICIAL CAMP TNUC THEME!

∇   Δ   ∇

3 Comments on “CRUCIAL CAMP TUNES.”

  1. Yes, some bodacious tunes! I wish it was a mixtape that went along with it with some radical 80’s commercials, movie clips between the tracks. We need to make a Summer Camp TNUC mixtape one of these summers.

  2. How was No Looking Back not in a movie? Destroys McDonald’s version. Only bested by Nobody’s Fool from Caddyshack II as Loggins’ finest.

    • I totally agree with you. I much prefer Loggins version of No Looking Back. Loggins Nobody’s Fool is also one of my favorites. Such an underrated Loggins track.

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