Seems like TNUC isn’t the only one participating in full-fledged Part III/Trilogy glory this year. The Blood Bros are back today (election day in the U.S.) with a white-hot, testosterone-overload of a mixtape. Prepare to explode with Blood Bros III: Back in America.

The brothers always put together fine write-ups for their mixes, here’s what they had to say about their new release:

“Our heroes Derek “DJA” Allen & Dirty South Joe have been dragged through the wringer. Training, fighting and winning on this level doesn’t come without a heavy price to pay. Lovers, family and friends have been all but forgotten, as the road through hell has no room for passengers.

BLOOD BROS have but one mistress and her name is America! Lady Liberty might be getting DP’d tonight, but it’s the bad guys who are f*cked! The next 4 years won’t be easy, but we can persevere if we stay the course. This, and every election day –


Hard to believe this is the third chapter of these body-burning mixes. Seems like traces of sweat can still be found from the last two! If you aren’t familiar with those previous installments, check them out here and here.

2 Comments on “VOTE FOR BLOOD.”

  1. Blood Bros. mixes always amaze me. All 3 of them will be in heavy rotation when I'm pumping iron in the gym as well as going on long midnight cruises under the neon city lights through fog drenched city roads.

  2. where the quote at the beginning from I’ve tried looking for it but nothing comes up in my searches

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