Without question, the breakout hit of last year’s Halloween mixtape was ‘Children of the Night’, borrowed from the soundtrack to Maniac Cop 2.

I know nothing about the artist, but it’s hard to believe a man named ‘Buddy Miles’ could create such a sinister and sexy tune. It also perfectly encapsulates a city-terror vibe that I’ve always been fascinated with. It literally sounds like a song that should only be played in back alleys and seedy strip bars.

Download Buddy Miles – Children of the Night

The “horror in the big city” genre could become a Halloween mixtape someday all on its own. I love film depictions of terror-soaked cities with silhouette figures, desolate parks, dim streetlights, prostitutes, pushcart vendors, steam coming up from sewer grates, wet alleys and a shadowy guy in a trenchcoat.

Have you ever been stalked by a city slasher? Felt eyes watching you in the park? Followed home by a prostitute with a large Adams apple?

Please continue listening to ‘Children of the Night’ on repeat and then report back to TNUC.

1 Comments on “CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT.”

  1. Children of the Night is a banger. An absolute ripper! I listen to that jam all the time. I still need to see The New York Ripper. Can’t wait for the new Halloween Mixtape! Gonna blast it all night long on repeat Halloween Night.

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