Billy goddamn Hargrove. When this character first appeared in Season 2 of Stranger Things back in 2017, the parallels between him and our mascot the TNUC “Manimal” hit me like a ton of bricks. The greasy mullet, denim on denim, single dangly earring, slaying of cougars, ripping of cigarettes, nasty attitude, iconic muscle cars, being pissed off, loving RATT, having a bulge. BILLY = TNUC.

From the first time he graces the screen it’s a nonstop roller coaster of TNUC Detention Hall 101. It was almost too good to be true.

As episodes progressed, the similarities kept coming and not a day went by that I didn’t hear from one of you TNUC maniac disciples comparing these two brothers from other mothers. Of course we noticed it, but the outpour of comments from total strangers was a bit overwhelming. Even my friend Big Mike aka Mike Ballermann had strong feelings that series creators The Duffer Brothers were directly inspired by the Land of TNUC.

Now that we’ve watched Season 3 and witnessed the arc of this character, all this son of a bitch needed BADLY was his own power hour mixtape for cruising in the blue ’79 Camaro. Amidst all the Stranger Things mania happening in the world right now, a crucial tribute to Billy Hargrove is absolutely paramount. Billy rules. Crank it up!

“Billy’s Hot Camaro Tape” is also a nod to some of those older brothers we knew growing up. The intimidating ones who were into ice hockey and Iron Maiden while us impressionable kids were still into kiddie stuff. They could be total dicks at times but were scary and cool as well (Billy). I’ll never forget meeting my friend’s older, long-haired brother “Rocky” for the first time. We wandered into his cigarette-hazed bedroom and looked around at skulls, blacklight posters, a shitty weight bench and band logos written in black marker all over the walls while this band called Pantera blasted from the stereo. I was never the same.

Hot tip: Don’t listen to this mixtape “passively” i.e. through a cell phone or while doing stuff on your computers. This thing was engineered for hot nights, long drives, backyard BBQs, house parties, panty raids, sweaty air drumming or bedroom rage-outs with the door closed and mom downstairs ironing. *REALLY LISTEN*

Download link. 

7 Comments on “BILLY’S HOT CAMARO TAPE.”

  1. This is an exact description of my cousin frank. Frank wore a mullet and a stache and he lived under the roof. His stereo was build into a fragile constellation of cinderblocks and construction work boards. He used to have the vic rattle snake poster stepping out of atomic waste hanging over the stereo. His room was smoke filled and curl weights were scattered across the green carpet floor. Under his bed he hoarded the porn mags and sketchy F horror vhs cassettes. His clothes were just thrown into the closet and he didn’t tidy up until his dad threatened to throw him out. He used to have a low displacement bmw 1200 ccm bike, later on he drove a vw scirocco. I sat ours on the floor in front of his stereo staring at the records and gruesome covers, listening to kreator or sodom. Btw, this was in 1986 in west Germany. My american cousin always said frank was a loser an I am a little shit. She was right to a certain extend. Frank lost his life from a heart stroke due to an extensive of misuse of anabolics. Rest in Peace Frank Exner – you been my childhood hero.

  2. Amazing. Feel like I’m actually in the Camaro with Billy’s sandy mullet waving in the wind.

  3. This is the kind of mix The Night Wolf needs when he’s on the prowl for cougars and milfs. I have a feeling Uncle T will not let Billy’s demise go unheard of around these parts. We need to keep his legacy in remembrance. Long Live Billy “Cougar Slaying” Hargrove. Now, it’s time to do a bump and a get a pump in my garage.

  4. When I was a kid I used to hang out with this kid named Rick. Rick was every bit this guy. He was about two years older than me and I thought he was the coolest. He had an IROC-Z, mullet, kept snakes and bred his own feeder mice. He’s who got me into Iron Maiden. Rick was also one of the few people who told me my art was cool. I used to draw heavy metal and hard rock album covers on the back of peoples jean jackets. He and his rocker gf Sheila kept the bullies off of me and treated me like an annoying younger brother. Miss those two.


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