Uncle T’s deepest apologies for the lack of content this summer. What can I say…it’s been a busy few months but the good news is that I’ll be back in full form very soon.

To ease our souls during these times of suffering, let me remind everyone that Patrick Swayze bought a Delorean on October 19, 1982 after a little success starring as the leader of a street gang in the TV show The Renegades. Let that sink in while looking over these photos.

With TNUC’s lack of time for writing, there’s nothing like a dose of Swayze to hold us over.

BONUS: Johnny Castle singing his seminal hit “She’s Like The Wind” off the Dirty Dancing soundtrack from somewhere in Norway. I’ve always cherished these TV performances and could care less about it being lip-synched.

Leather jacket. Baddest mullet. Bolo tie. Black jeans. Bulge. He’s the best there ever was.

Rest In Power, brother. Miss you everyday.

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