Eddie Munson has all the nasty attributes to be chiseled in stone forever inside TNUC’s “hall of icons and misunderstood powerhouses”. Troubled upbringing, parental guardian issues, heavy metal weirdo, basement dweller, held back at school, sells drugs at school, plays Dungeons & Dragons, loves Dio, lives with his uncle, he’s an axe-grinder, piledriver and so on and so forth. Plus, that battle vest he wears? Reeks of cigarettes and Spaghetti-o’s…guaranteed.

All of this mind you, and he’s the coolest motherfucker at Hawkins High. Jocks fear him and geeks worship at his D&D altar. The cheerleaders and country club girls agree he’s a weirdo — but secretly they’ve always been fascinated by this “dark horse” wondering around at school.

After the character of Billy Hargrove was introduced in Stranger Things, I didn’t think it could get any better. That’s why in 2019, TNUC made Billy’s Hot Camaro Tape. Also this was due to the fact that Uncle TNUC’s “Manimal” mascot and Billy were alike in so many ways. Some theorize that we were separated at birth. Brothers forever..

Eddie is a completely different story, of course. Eddie is the SPIRIT of all the great controversial figures who mouth-breathing turkeys have tried to take down for decades. Whether it was Tipper Gore and the PMRC, or the conservative church group in your town, there will always be some dingus hollering about how guys like Eddie must be devil worshippers or a bad influence on kids. Ozzy Osbourne, Blackie Lawless, Alice Cooper, King Diamond, Sammi Curr and now Eddie Munson.

A few of Eddie’s ‘Hellfire Club’ compadres provided TNUC this mixtape straight from the depths of the D&D master’s basement. So spark up some of that burlacious ganja-bud because it’s going to be a long night. Press play and roll the dice for EDDIE MUNSON’S HELLFIRE BASEMENT TAPE.


A note from the author: Uncle T hopes you disciples enjoy this mixtape as much as he enjoyed gathering songs, going through newspaper archives at the local library and interviewing ex-PTA meeting moms about “satanic panic” in small towns across rural America. But seriously, thanks for keeping up with the ‘NUC. I realize things have been a bit quiet over here lately. I’m at a crossroads if you will on what to do with the website. It’s not going away, but the site is long, long overdue for a massive renovation and update. For now, take a deep dive into this mixtape. For long-time readers and listeners, you know there’s a big difference between a curated mixtape and a goddamn Spotify playlist!

d/l link

Behold…the “Eddie Munson limited edition signature BC Rich Warlock guitar”


  1. YES. FUCKING YES! TNUC, our Lord and Savior, don’t you ever stop writing these articles and making the most metal, epic mixtapes for our bodacious ears to hear! Gonna give this mix a proper listening this evening while I slam Busch Latte’s and Jack and Cokes with the ol’ Lady Wolf.

  2. Never change Uncle T! You’re the last true metal lord and God of all things awesome! (In my opinion anyway) First discovered you in early 2018 and man I wish I found you sooner! Your articles with your mixtapes are absolutely legendary!

  3. Been reading this blog since Drive came out. Yeah I’m of those.

    I love these mixtapes. I still listen to Billy’s Hot Camaro tape — I think it changed my life — and the Wet Hot Summer tape.

  4. Been a fan of your for a good year and a half now. Never change Unc!! I appreciate the old school blog design of your site, it’s nostalgia on nostalgia. These mixtapes are BOSS!! Hoping we get an “end of summer” mixtape soon, or possibly an early “Halloween” instead.

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