Outside, on a breezy summer night, I just saw Tim Cappello live in concert. I repeat….I JUST SAW TIM CAPPELLO — live with saxophone, chains, oil and codpiece. I had to say it twice outload because it seems unbelievable. But it was real, it was absolutely real.

It’s been 35 years since the infamous Santa Carla boardwalk show that featured the glistening saxophone icon playing I Still Believe to a frenzied crowd of teenage locals and carnival-goers. That infamous “scene” from 1987’s The Lost Boys clocked in at approximately 14 seconds. To think that over three decades later, this seconds-long performance had so much of an impact that he’s able to play in front of crowds in 2022 is remarkable. Last weekend he played to a sold out parking lot crowd by himself, with no backing band, at 67 years old! The man is still in top powerful form, still lathered in oil in chains and playing that saxophone like it’s the end of the world. Here is my video footage from the show:

He still has the power. The thrusts. Everything still intact. His set featured a handful of songs which included a funky, almost Cuban sounding sax-jam, a song from his days playing in Ringo Starr’s band and of course the seminal hit I STILL BELIEVE. Between songs he joked with the crowd, told stories and had a hilarious, interactive dance session with the audience. He told a story about working with Don Johnson on Miami Vice that had everyone busting up.

Tim Cappello appearing in the Miami Vice episode “Theresa” from Season 3.

Cappello has been doing this for the last few years — showing up at conventions, movie screenings and signings. For an old Santa Carla streetwalkin’ cheetah like Uncle T, finally seeing the guy LIVE was a surreal moment that I’ll never forget. I can remember walking into Tape World at the mall as small child and walking up to the front counter with The Lost Boys soundtrack because of that song.

I Still Believe is one of those songs that to this day I can’t get tired of. That lion-roaring-saxophone-eruption is so timeless and unforgettable. I must have responded to it so much when I was younger because he plays the sax like a guitar. It’s loud, in your face and doesn’t take no for an answer.

I recommend — no fuck that — I demand every Lost Boys fan reading this to buy a ticket to Tim Cappello if he comes around your neck of the woods. This isn’t just some novelty, niche, nerd-horror convention thing AT ALL. This is a guy who played in Tina Turner’s band on some of her biggest hits. A guy who played with Ringo Starr, Carly Simon and Peter Gabriel. Tim is the real deal and he commands the stage with the sax as his battle axe.

For several moments I would close my eyes and with the cool breeze and sound of the saxophone, it felt like I was back in Santa Carla again. I finished the night by getting my ear pierced and racing dirt bikes on the foggy beach.

BONUS/DISCLAIMER: As you know, TNUC likes to stick to the same essential food groups. Saxophone, Pizza Hut, The Barbarian Brothers, Long-Butts, Beer Wolf, Halloween and Summer Camp. If you’re a regular around here, you know we can’t help constantly talking about these things and devoting entire articles to their causes. So because Uncle T always likes to give something away, here is the demo version of Ozzy Osbourne’s “See You On The Other Side” which features a choir and SAXOPHONE. (No, it’s not Tim Cappello playing…but enjoy).

2 Comments on “TIM CAPPELLO LIVE.”

  1. I will definitely see him if he ever comes to my area. I’ve heard nothing but great things about him, and as a Lost Boys fan, I LOVE that he’s still kickin’ it and letting the good times roll!

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