CASTLE TNUC [Chapter 1].


It happened when the clock struck midnight on September 30th, the eve of October. Those frequent detention hall delinquents (Ricky, Linda, Snake and Roxie) were roaming the local carnival at the wee hours of the night, trying their best to hide from the fat security guard who who was too distracted by the leftover fried dough and cold hot dogs he was scarfing down from the day. Once they hopped the bushes behind The Devil’s Tower, it started to all soak in – the carnival shrouded in darkness, the absolute silence and the unnerving stillness. As they dusted their leather and flannels and took one last lungful of the wet, chilly air, Ricky pulled out a Winston from his back pocket, put it up to his lips and flicked the lighter. They belonged to the night.

Suddenly a faint, rhythmic sound was heard in the distance. It was coming from behind the trailers and carny compounds where all the sideshow carnies slept at night. God it reeked back there. As they approached a little closer, it became clear that it was heavy metal music blaring from a crappy PA system. Who could it be? The bearded lady and walrus boy getting it on? A bunch of teenage brats having a drinking party? The latter simply couldn’t be possible since Uncle T and his goons run this boardwalk during these hours of the night.

As the music grew louder, it started to become so dark that it was nearly impossible to see two inches in front of their faces. Everything around them simply blackened…the trees, ground and surroundings. A dizzying effect took over. They were forced to their knees as if they were being pushed down by some ghastly entity in the air.

They looked up and gazed upon a radical airbrushed fortress that was bathed in heavenly glow…

Could this be heaven…or could it be hell?!? Who cares! They all looked at each other and shouted simultaneously “WE WANT IN!”  (to be continued…)


[Calling all deviants, weirdos, freaks, jocks, dweebs, sluts, ghouls and ghoulettes! Welcome to the 2017 TNUC Halloween season! Inspired by carnival funhouses, pretzel dark rides and seedy county fairs, Castle TNUC is a dreamland for anyone who enjoys rubber monsters, hairy beasts and busty boogeybabes. So step right up and get your tickets to Castle TNUC paradise! Pay to get in…PRAY to get out!]

Huge thanks and appreciation to Cody Kaufman who killed it with this year’s artwork!

4 Comments on “CASTLE TNUC [Chapter 1].”

  1. YES! Halloween is the best holiday and this is what Camp TNUC is all about! No one does Halloween better than you, Uncle TNUC. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us goblins, ghouls, and busty boogeybabes. Looking forward to the 2017 Halloween Metal Mix.

  2. Ooooh that Roxie kid sounds like she’s gonna be the first one to get it. The new artwork is sick, the glow in the dark effect would make up for a badass t-shirt. Just sayin.

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