Who can recall their first glimpse at VHS horror tapes? How about when you actually had to leave your house to rent one?

If you grew up in the golden era of VHS and home video, you probably have nostalgic feelings about the whole thing. Almost every day I hear someone bumming over the reality that video stores are long gone and how charming it was to roam down aisles of videos, checking out the striking artwork.

Well, pretend for a moment that the video rental store downfall never happened.
Now get ready to enter a dream land of video horror splendor…

Welcome to Burbank, California’s SLASHBACK VIDEO, where nothing has changed and 1980’s horror is king! DOUBLE FUCK YES.

Housed inside Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum in Burbank, Slashback Video is an artwork installation and tribute to mom and pop video stores of yesteryear. The temporary pop-up shop is a collaboration between the museum and Ryan Turek, horror movie lover and Director of Development at Blumhouse Productions.

Above, Uncle T devoting some quality time to work the cash register.

Below, Uncle T locating tapes for local customers with busty-lusty long butts.  

To say these people did a phenomenal job is an understatement. Slashback Video doesn’t just look like a horror rental store, it FEELS like one. It’s packed with atmosphere and reeks of golden nostalgia. The poster-plastered walls and racks of videos are detailed and set up just right to achieve that authentic and effortless look that existed during the mom and pop video store era.

…Like it’s understandable that a bunch of horror genre disciples created this magic, but one blink and it could’ve easily been setup by that local greaseball shop owner Norm. (The one with the lazy eye!)

For those living in California, get off the internet immediately and get down to Slashback Video! Nothing compares to experiencing this in person. For people in other parts of the country and world, sit back and let Uncle T be your virtual guide…

Movie maniacs and curious browsers enjoy aisles of videos, wall-to-wall posters, popcorn, soda, candy and those cardboard cutout things.

Yes, they are real VHS tapes borrowed from personal collections of some of the creators.

Even the register slays! On the bottom shelf are 6-packs of Crystal Pepsi and Surge! I’m ready to retire and become a janitor here.

These righteous rulers also included the absolutely mandatory ADULTS ONLY section! I bet there’s a Peter North poster behind that curtain.

A section at the front of the store titled “Artist’s Picks” featured custom artwork by artists (such as my pal Marc of Sadist Art Designs) taking a stab at their favorite box covers. This 3D Critters box art (forgot to grab the artist’s name) was one of my favorites.

live @ Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum
3204 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505

4 Comments on “SLASHBACK VIDEO!”

  1. This is just great. I wish I could take a first hand look into this realm of awesomeness. These types of stores need to re-open again. The photos don’t do it justice. Fright-Rags did a sweet Slashback Video tee, as well.

  2. …a place to go hide from the bullies and convince my friend Tucker to go check out the abandoned house where the ghost of Stanley ‘The Digger’ is said to live. Slashback Video is a Sancturay to us Disciples of TNUC!

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