A wise old woman once screamed at me in the night “Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun!” and while yes, she was a babbling baggage lady who ate rats and collected crucifixes in the alley behind TNUC’s penthouse suite, the phrase resonated with me for a long time.

In its purest form the Halloween season should revolve around pumpkins, candy, horror movies and trick or treating. While most of TNUC’s disciples have long overgrown trick or treating, hopefully we can look back with fun memories of walking around the neighborhood on chilly nights, ruffling through damp leaves in our costumes and ringing doorbells. It’s a short but sweet slice of life that we sort of take for granted at the time.

In an effort to bring us back to those innocent but rambunctious times of creeping around in cheap Jason Voorhees masks and your dad’s greasy-old work coveralls, TNUC proudly presents GHOULIE BAGS!™ (Limited quantities on sale now!)

GHOULIE BAGS™ feature special appearances by:

  • Castle TNUC postcards
  • ‘Serpent Manimal’ stickers
  • Vintage Miller Beer zombie fingers
  • Vintage McDonalds jack-o’-lantern rings 
  • Rubber rats
  • Rubber bats
  • Rubber ghouls
  • Candy 
  • Video Vamp teeth
  • Goosebumps stickers
  • Illegal narcotics 
  • special surprises! 

*Please note that no two bags contain the same contents! But we promise each and every bag is equally spooky and nasty!*

GO HERE TO GRAB YOUR GHOULIE BAG™ NOW! (extremely limited quantities)

3 Comments on “GHOULIE BAGS!”

  1. I’m gonna go to third base with Shelly Domenico on TNUCs Castle this weekend and replicate the new artwork on my mom’s basement with v10 glow in the dark paint but Dear UNCLE T, if you limit my expenditure options one more time, come October 1st 2018, we’ll be dispatching very limited editions of Uncle TNUC Body Parts Baggies including but not limited to: earlobe with dangly cross earrings, tattooed skin puzzle pieces spread all over the globe to bring to Disciples together on a one-night-only assembling event and yes, two very rare and hard to find bloody eyeballs.

    Otherwise, them ghoulie bags are sure gonna raise the stakes this October when the little rats come begging for the very exclusive very yummy very spooky TNUC inspired Halloween treats. I’ll be waiting.

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