When you live on the night side of life, alleyways of the big city transform into sensual rivers of darkness. An otherworldly mist rises from cast-iron manhole covers, permeating the neon shadows to spawn an atmosphere of steamy, softcore euphoria.

It was a sweltering night but I still donned my most sensuous trench-coat while I wandered the streets aimlessly for hours.

My eyes were eventually drawn towards an old apartment building, where a set of window blinds on the first floor concealed a strange rosé glow. As I looked on curiously, an object tipped the blinds open, it was a hand – a woman’s hand. The window slid open and a lithe arm beckoned me inside to her warm, pink haven. I entered.

Her inviting figure was draped exquisitely in a negligée – which is French for come do me – and it was all I could do to resist the impulse of my manhood swelling like a corpse floating in the harbor. She grabbed my hand and led me to a dim room before playfully shoving me on to the silk sheets of a palatial waterbed.

Eager to deliver this nympho waves of passion-soaked injections, I hung on her every move. She leaned over a stereo, flipping through tapes in search of a mood saucy enough. Unsatisfied, she motioned to my side, where there was a cassette. MIDNIGHT HEAT.

[Download Link]

She guided it in and the music began to play…

What happened next will forever remain a secret between your Uncle T and one lonely sex fiend; a gentleman doesn’t penetrate the lustrous walls of womanhood and go tell everyone like some rube.

After having sex, she passed out and I got dressed. I quietly crept to the stereo and snatched the cassette out, pocketing it as I slipped on my trenchcoat and disappeared back into the night.

I never saw her again, mostly because I hate even the slightest sense of commitment and avoid that block at all costs, but I still have the memory – and her tape. For you disciples, the steamiest soundtrack to a night in the city is here. Journey to a seductive underworld and come play in the MIDNIGHT HEAT!

5 Comments on “MIDNIGHT HEAT.”

  1. Yes!!! Your mixes are the best Uncle T! We’ve stepped into a world of seduction and mystery, and there’s no turning back.

    How can we download it?

  2. Track-listing…

    Marilyn Martin – Night Moves
    Los Netto – We Touch
    Annabella – Passion Play
    Elizabeth Daily – Is Anybody Home?
    Trevor Jones – Sea of Love (main title)
    Laura Branigan – Self Control
    Glenn Frey – You Belong to the City
    Lindsey Buckingham – Go Insane
    Metropolis – Darkest Side of the Night (Lude Beach edit)
    Beth Andersen & Joe Esposito – Just Imagine
    Benjamin Orr – Stay the Night
    The Payola$ – Eyes of a Stranger
    Billy Idol – Flesh for Fantasy
    Melissa Manchester – Thief of Hearts
    Wang Chung – To Live and Die in L.A.
    Russ Ballard – Voices
    Harold Faltermeyer – Stolen Secrets
    McAuley Schenker Group – Anytime

  3. This is seriously the best mix ever, even better than TNUC goes to Hell. Since I’ve downloaded it (about a month ago), I must’ve listened to it at least 10 times; at home, in the car, even at work. MORE PLEASE 🙂 Thank you TNUC!

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