The moral of today’s story is POWER.

In a world filled with electronic artists hiding behind their laptops and held up in their parents’ basements, Big Mike & Gianni La Bamba are the power duo we need right now. They aren’t here to take you on a fantasy ride to some make believe Vice City land that doesn’t actually exist, nor will they wave some disposable retro bait in front of your face, trying to sell you something that isn’t authentic.

Chief Ambassador Mike Ballermann and Señor La Bamba are the real deal…on the streets right now…beckoning you to join their ranks and become a disciple of Ballermania.

“Living the Dream” represents a refreshing growth in sound and appearance for the Deutschland crude dudes. Gone from the typical Big Mike universe are the neon lights and blonde locks bouncing in the wind. While he allows those elements to rest for a moment, we’re treated to a music video filled with Cologne architecture, high fashion, Rolex headquarters, a fancy afghan hound w/ a net worth of over $7.5 million and most importantly, more power.

Mike & Gianni’s next level strength of mind will undoubtedly launch them into a new disco stratosphere that we all desperately need. Watch the video at least 10 times, then download the track!


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