Living in Los Angeles has its advantages. The other night while drinking a beer the kitchen I overheard a newscaster on the TV in the next room talking about a Patrick Swayze Estate Auction” being held at a space literally 15 minutes from the TNUC lair. My jaw dropped and I did a cartwheel into the living room, someone not spilling said beer.

Everyone visiting this website and reading this post already loves Swayze and it’s been well documented that Uncle T is a Swayze disciple for life. Road House and Point Break are my two favorite films of all time. Dalton and Bodhi are like big brothers I grew up idolizing. The Outsiders, Youngblood, Ghost, Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing, Black Dog, Fatherhood…we cherish them all.

So last Thursday afternoon I drove down to the Swayze exhibition and it was truly a dream come true for someone who admired the guy so much. Naturally I gravitated toward the film items of the gallery, but there were also hundreds of furniture pieces, historical artifacts, motorcycles, instruments, clothing (even his g-string from Keeping Mum), Native American artifacts and HORSES. Swayze really loved horses, as seen in the dozens of paintings, statues and decorative items throughout the auction.

Here are the items I saw that day that made me gasp in pure joy.

Bodhi’s Beach Football Shirt! (POINT BREAK)
Estimate $2,000 – $3,000

This vicious cut-off shirt is from the scene in Point Break when Johnny Utah and the Ex-Presidents play a little beach football at night. Johnny tackles Bodhi into the ocean, thankfully not trashing this distressed Harley Davidson ‘batwing’ shirt that stood before me, neatly hung on a mannequin.

Dalton’s Tan Suit & Red Silk Shirt! (ROAD HOUSE)
Estimate $2,000 – $3,000

Worn in multiple scenes during the film, including when Dalton stops by Brad Wesley’s house and after catching a look at mega-whore Denise working out to some ripoff Janet Jackson song, he turns down breakfast and a bloody mary offered by Mr. Wesley. Dalton also donned the red shirt when smoking a cigarette and talking to the blind guitarist before getting his ass handed to him in the back of the Double Deuce by some of Wesley’s goons. The suit and shirt have surprisingly held up after 28 years and being involved in a sweaty, savage beating.

Power Sword! (STEEL DAWN)
Estimate $1,000 – $2,000

Wow, this place even has the sword from the most underrated film of the Swayze legacy. In the movie, he plays a desert warrior named Nomad, a dusty-haired wrecking machine who spends his days carving the future with that very sword! Honestly among so many garbage and laughable post-apocalyptic movies of the era, Steel Dawn is very decent and deserves another shot if you dismissed it the first time. The rounded knob at the end of the sword (called a pommel) detaches to reveal a 6-inch dagger. Not pictured is a t-shirt and copy of the film which are included with the purchase of the weapon.

Surfboards! (POINT BREAK)
Estimate $4,000 – $6,000 (left) / $1,000 – $2,000 (right)

The blue one is a Spyder brand surfboard custom designed for Bodhi. The one on the right is a training board used by Swayze while learning to surf for the film, also designed by Dennis Jarvis for Spyder. Both surfboards would be such a dream to own. Imagine having these mystical pieces on display in your den or above the living room fireplace, ready to grab at a moment’s notice when the swells start to break. Ah, so much power.

U.S. Passport! 
Estimate $2,000 – $3,000

This doesn’t have the “wow” factor as some of the others but I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things this passport probably saw from 1982 – 1987. SWAYZE WORLD TOUR DOMINATION.

Bodhi’s Wetsuit! (POINT BREAK)
Estimate $2,000 – $4,0000

“A modern savage, a real searcher”. That’s right folks, it’s The Bodhisattva’s very own wetsuit! Here’s the exact suit locals would pray they’d catch a glimpse of at the beach if Bodhi was in the water carving tubes, snaking kooks’ waves, impressing all the tanned foxes or just teaching a lesson to some punk-nazi surfers who have no respect for the sea and only want to get radical. I could’ve sworn I heard choral humming and saw a heavenly, glowing light shine upon this wetsuit when I first looked it.

Obviously this is not the wetsuit he was wearing when he ate it on that 400 ft wave at Bells Beach in Australia during the 50-year storm. The US Coast Guard have been searching for that one since 1991.

Saturday Night Live Script! 
Estimate $600 – $800

I wish I had better photos of this one but it was protected in a secured glass case (understandably). From season 16, episode 4, airing on October 27, 1990, it’s the infamous Patrick Swayze-hosted SNL which included the legendary Chippendales segment! Just looking at the script’s cover (click to enlarge), you’ll see “possible script elements” featuring a spoof on Ghost and also a White Trash Bed & Breakfast, both skits starring Swayze! The only way to flip through the pages would be by purchasing the item, estimated between $600 – $800.

*This is a big one for Uncle T, seeing as though the Chippendales skit was my first introduction to the late-great Chris Farley. Someone just recently raised the question of who the first celebrity death that effected you was, and for me it was definitely Farley…R.I.P. to both of these great men.*

Patrick Swayze’s 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 Coupe!
Estimate $30,000 – $40,000
Milage: 62,395


It’s painful just finding this out now because it’s way too cool just thinking about all the possibilities of a DeLorean and Patrick Swayze. Someone should’ve pushed this guy into doing futuristic movies with the exotic car, or at least taken some photos of him ripping down the dusty desert highway in the stainless steel beast. Back to the Future Part 4, perhaps?

Even though my photo is taken from the Swayze auction “catalog” because the DMC wasn’t actually on display at the gallery, it’s absolutely fucking phenomenal and SO FITTING just knowing he owned one. He ruled on all levels.

Excerpt from the catalog: “Swayze often laughed at the fact that he bought a DeLorean just two days before John DeLorean got busted for cocaine on October 19, 1982. (The car) includes a City of Santa Monica Police Department court notice given to Swayze for a red light violation in the DeLorean.”

Thank you to Julien’s Auctions of Los Angeles for putting together the event and doing such a fantastic job of displaying literally hundreds of Swayze’s personal items. The items I included here barely scratch the surface of what the exhibition held.

I’d like to close with a letter about Patrick’s belongings written by his wife, Lisa Niemi Swayze.

In 2015, the task of packing up and moving out of Patrick’s and my ranch (aka “Rancho Bizarro”) in Los Angeles after thirty years proved to be incredibly daunting, not only because of the painful emotions of “letting go” it brought up for me, but also the sheer magnitude of three decades of “stuff” to go through, decide on, and pack. And trust me, there are a lot of places on a five acre ranch to store stuff, much more than I would ever be able to keep for myself!

But one thing that helped me get through this journey was the thought that I would one day share so many of these special items with others. Sure, I could rent a storeroom, move it all in, and lock the door. Or, I could let these pieces of an incredible life to to people that may put them in a place of honor in their homes, cherish them, and bring them happiness. 

Our things reflect who we are…or were. In packing up Rancho Bizarro, I was impressed with how large the life we lived together was. Patrick’s personal items reflect the amazing life he led, our travels, interests, and how diversified and inordinately talented he was (in so many areas). When I picked up each item, I remembered a history, particular moments in time, and it surprised me, made me joyful, sometimes sad, but ultimately, very proud of this man, who he was and what he accomplished in his life. He was a hero. And his spectacularly brave, wise and fearless fight against pancreatic cancer showed just how much of a hero he truly was to the very end. 

It’s important for me that you know there is a little piece of Patrick in every item in this auction, and I hope his spirit brings you joy. 

He was a shining light. A magnificent man. And there will never be another one like him. 

Lisa Niemi Swayze.

†   †   †


  1. Amazing post. Point Break is one of my favorite movies. Swayze will always be greatly missed, but will remain a Legend through his works of art.

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