Welcome to another edition of STRIPPED DOWN SUNDAYS, that tender time of the month when TNUC provides some ultimate relaxation courtesy of a stripped down, acoustic performance from one of our favorite heavy hitters.

This month it’s Winger’s ‘Can’t Get Enuff’ from their MTV Unplugged gig they shared with the band Slaughter. This bluesy rendition of the song further exemplifies Winger’s talent chops which are still overlooked to this day. Again, I say this all the time but talent-wise this band could run circles around most of their “hair metal” peers of the day.

The performance shows Kip Winger in his absolute prime. He must’ve been watching Point Break a lot during those days, because he’s displaying a “beach Bodhisattva” style as seen with this baja shirt, circular sunglasses, dangly earrings and braids in his hair.

BONUS: Here’s a free download of the ‘Acoustic Blues Version’ studio version which was the b-side to their ‘Down Incognito’ single in 1993!

1 Comments on “STRIPPED DOWN SUNDAYS, Part 4.”

  1. This fucking rules. Your whole website rules. Keep up the great work, please.


    One of the kids from the high school featured in Black Roses

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