If you’re the kind of person who’s constantly chasing the American dream like Uncle T, it probably means you’ve spent most of 2017 celebrating the 30th Anniversary of OVER THE TOP.

The most beloved arm wrestling motion picture of our eternity is without a doubt the 1987 Sly Stallone mega-classic, Over the Top (no bullshit irony here, either). But as far as Stallone’s run of blockbusters go, this masterpiece was not heralded a “success” compared to others of the genre. Honestly for the life of me, I’ve never known why. This is a movie filled with raw emotion that never ceases to lift me up, pump diesel-fueled power through my veins and send shivers down my gluteus maximus.

Even if you struggled to reach emotional depths that you anticipated an arm wrestling/trucker film to deliver, there are a number of attributes to cherish about this movie. The awe-inspiring American landscapes, A++ soundtrack, blatant advertising placements, masterful montages and bulging brute action are just some of them!

The TNUC lair has seen it’s share of excitement lately by celebrating the film’s big 30th birthday. We’ve been hosting weekly screenings and coed-naked arm wrestling tournaments while execs from Cannon Films make special guest appearances. On weekends TNUC finds the nearest parked big rigs and uses them for workout routines just like our immortal idol, Lincoln Hawk.

While the good times roll at Castle TNUC, there’s one thing that’s always destroyed my brain a little, being a massive Over the Top worshipper…

Please tell me Uncle T isn’t the only person who’s watched the 1989 Fred Savage Nintendo-feast The Wizard and spotted an all-too-familiar big rig during this scene…

The Wizard (1989)

Over the Top (1987)

WAIT A MINUTE?! In just two years time, did Hawk Hauling really expand from a one-man show to an enterprise? Or, on the contrary, did “Spanky” the trucker steal Lincoln Hawk’s precious truck in hopes of gaining a lifetime supply of that Brut cologne that Hawk was moving around the country? The latter seems very unlikely considering Spanky’s friendly good nature. Remember, he’s the trucker pal of Haley’s who helps drive her and her friends to VIDEO ARMAGEDDON.


Well, thanks to the powers of computers, multiple sources confirm that there were in fact (3) 18-wheeler “Hawk Hawling” model trucks used for the film and YES, these metal monsters were all used in both Over the Top and The Wizard!

Take a moment to let that sink in. Now get ready for the real big news of the day.

1965 A64B Autocar model

Rotting away in a Universal lot for over a decade, the three trucks eventually relocated to a scrapyard where they sat again, roasting in the California heat. Then one day a beam of light shined down upon the dying legend. Two absolutely mental Over the Top disciples traveled across the country and purchased the last remaining truck, then hauled the old beast back to their home in West Virginia! (And I thought I was this movie’s biggest supporter!)

Risen from the grave!

Roughly seven years ago new owner Corey Ash began restoring Lincoln Hawk’s legendary big rig with hopes of driving it to Vegas one day for the big arm wrestling championship. Talk about true passion. Talk about eternal power.

Corey, just remember to swing by the TNUC lair and pick us up during this triumphant quest. (We’ll keep everyone updated on the progress of Hawk Hauling).

Happy 30th anniversary, OVER THE TOP.


  1. good evening, I also immediately noticed this detail! in the scene following the arrival in Las Vegas, on the left door there was another logo! I am also a big fan of Over The Top! bye Bye

  2. Was just watching the Rifftrax version of The Wizard and realized it was a Hawk truck! I loved that move as a kid and still as an adult, force my kids to watch the classics too. Lol

    Good article! 👍🏻

  3. I just saw the same truck in The Messenger of Death with Charles Bronson, with the logo Colorado Water on the doors.
    It’s nice to know the truck is still running. Lucky for the guy who owns it. That truck is a beast!

  4. There was actually four Autocars used for Over The Top…One of them was painted black for a movie called freaked (1993) and than was eventually painted silver and used for a movie called tank girl (1995)

    All four trucks were also used in Messenger of Death (1988) that had starred Charles Bronson in which the surviving was destroyed in

    Pink lighting (1991) also featured one of the Autocars from Over The Top

    I led the current owner to the surviving truck, So, My information is definitely correct

    • How is the progress coming on the West Virginia truck. Too bad the others are gone. Is there and other memorabilia left that you know of for sale. Thanks for any info

      • The Silver one was sold sometime in 2012 an individual as for a current location on it right now no one know’s

        Over The Top had featured four different 1965 Autocar A64B’s and three of them were complete trucks during filming while the last truck was torn apart sometime in 1986 and was it’s cab was put onto a flatbed and used for interior shots the picture’s of Mike when he was younger and the weights were also inside of this cab and the exhaust was left along side the cab to make viewers think that it was a real complete truck for interior shots

        I did say previously say that all four Autocar’s were used in Messenger of Death, But, It was only the three complete trucks that were used in Messenger of Death

        The surviving truck that Corey Ash now has was destroyed in Messenger of Death (1988) with the hood flying in mid air after it had hit the Blazer was also used in The Wizard movie (1989) You can actually see a gap sticking up a little bit in the air on top of the hood at the end of the hood near the grill the surviving truck that Corey Ash now owns was also used in a episode of some tv show that I can’t think of right now where it had pulled a white dry van trailer and the last time I remember the truck being in service was when it was used in Pink Lighting (1991)

        Sometime in 1993 one of the other two complete trucks that have now been gone since April of 2010 that i’m pretty sure hadn’t been in service ever since all three complete trucks were used in Messenger of Death was torn apart and the cab was put out front on the ground for the remainder of it’s life and the cab that was on a flatbed and used for interior shots during filming was turned back into a complete truck and also the original hood off of Corey Ash’s surviving truck was put onto to this truck and it was painted black with a tanker mounted on the back of it for a movie called Freaked and than eventually the same truck was painted silver two years later in 1995 for a movie called Tank Girl it also had bar guards installed all over it for Tank Girl after 1997 I don’t remember even the Silver truck being in service anymore

        Over The Top had also featured three different White Trucks one of them was a two tone blue 1988 (It was built in June of 1987 for that scene which means that the truck was legally titled as a 1988) that the grand father had tried bribing Lincoln Hawk with if he were to walk out of Mike’s life and the other two were custom built orange and black one’s between those two trucks they had one 1986 and one 1987

        The 1987 had to be built up for Sylvester Stallone’s character for outside of the arm wrestling stadium and for the driving scene’s in the desert because they had filmed at a real arm wrestling event after filming had completed this truck had went on tour to truck shows to advertise for the film and than was eventually donated truck a trucking school eventually this truck was found sitting in a field and is now in Canada under restoration

        The 1986 was the one that was used inside of the arm wrestling stadium and was eventually won by someone that went by the name of John Brzenk the last time this truck was accounted for was the last time it was seen on the internet in a for sale ad in 2019 as to who had ended up buying it in 2019 it’s not known right now, But, I do remember it being in near perfect condition when it was for sale in 2019, So, I’m sure it’s still around some where to this day right now

        Apparently the blue 1988 is still around as well, Too, But, Needs a new hood from when it had originally got into an accident sometime in the beginning of 2012

      • By the way as far as I know is that Autocar that Corey Ash owns in West Virginia is that the project is at a stand still because he needs to build a garage to complete what is left for the restoration

        These trucks were never a junkyard either they were always on the back lot of Hollywood Universal Studio Truck Lots until Corey Ash had bought his and the other two were scrapped in April of 2010

        The Silver one also sat on the back lot of Hollywood Universal Studio Truck Lots between 1998 and 2012

  5. How do I get in contact with the truck owner?? I have some simply questions. Like me getting a photo with the truck. Huge fan working on a special art project dealing with the movie.

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