Everyone knows that Uncle T’s favorite time to drive around and listen to music is at dusk. Right after the sun goes down and before the vamps come out, it’s a shadowy time when daylight is transitioning to night and the sun casts a shadow, silhouetting everything in it’s path. Given the right circumstances, those brief few minutes can bring true moments of paramount when paired with the right music.

The TNUC lair is luckily nestled in the canyons of Los Angeles, making Manimal’s ride home extra crispy with music blaring, warm breezes blowing, palm trees swaying and a cigarette dangling from his mouth effortlessly in the wind.


It’s times like these when TNUC’s powers are heightened. This has to do with something supernatural that happens in the air which seems to enhance everything…especially music. Still light enough to see everything but just the right amount of darkness. There are records in my collection I listened to for the first time during these early evening drives which I know wouldn’t be as cherished if they hadn’t been heard during that time of day. It’s crazy to think that where music is heard can be such a significant factor in your listening experience.

silhouette TNUC

There are literally dozens of songs to pick from in the TNUC library that I fondly remember having these crisp moments with. Most of them are electronic based songs which is understandable given the emotion a synthesizer can create without vocals. But what about rock bands? Have any groups of dusty-haired warriors created songs that fit into this category? Instead of going the easy route, I thought it might be more fun to see we could hunt down actual music videos that feature that sexy, sunwashed glow…

Ratt – Nobody Rides for Free! (1991)

Given that 1992’s Point Break is one of the quintessential “California” movies, fully equipped with no shortage of salty babes, sandy dudes, SWAYZE, baja sweatshirts, the LAPD and breathtaking cinematography of the sunshine state, it was a complete no-brainer that Ratt crawled their way onto the movie’s soundtrack with ‘Nobody Rides for Free’. The video captures the essence of Point Break beautifully without looking like it’s trying to…know what I mean? While the band play on one of the Ex-Presidents beaches, the camera pans over cliff edges and tidal waves while flashing to clips from the film. Wide helicopter shots also add to the massive nature of the song and movie. Besides a few campfires and a large scaffold holding up billowing curtains, that’s pretty much it, and it works. Also pay attention for Bobby Blotzer drumming in a pink wetsuit!

Dokken – Walk Away! (1988)

While this song certainly takes the taco for being one of the most monstrous power ballads to ever echo inside Uncle T’s Chevy Caprice station wagon during his first nasty divorce, Dokken’s ‘Walk Away’ is also the group’s final crucial hit before the band started to implode. The video actually starts out in the morning hours but dips into dusk towards the end when the sun fades behind a nearby mountain after George Lynch’s devastating guitar solo. Pure musical chills.

Winger – Can’t Get Enuff! (1990)

To this day no rock videos ooze sexuality as much as Winger videos. It’s a deadly mixture of muscly riffs, female and male perspiration, Kip’s blazing white smile and everyone looking like they showed up to film a shampoo commercial. CAN’T GET ENUFF. I always wave the flag for Winger because they really got a shitty deal towards the end of the ’80s, but were one of the most technical and talented bands to come out of that era.

Great White – Desert Moon! (1991)

The majority of Great White’s music video for ‘Desert Moon’ is shot around a beach bonfire at nighttime, but there are plenty of late afternoon sun moments too, plus a plethora of other tasty delights, like denim-clad long butts! Doesn’t this video also remind you of Bodhi’s beach parties? I swear I caught Roach, Grommet and Nathaniel in there somewhere.

Which movie scenes and music videos do you consider worthy of this category? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

4 Comments on “THOSE CRISP MOMENTS.”

  1. I’m just sneaking in to say that I’m honored that you’re using my gif of Paul here from the Lost Boys, over to the right, in the video store next to David! 😀 Lost In Santa Carla out!

  2. “inside Uncle T’s Chevy Caprice station wagon during his first nasty divorce” Hahaha, god damn that is beautiful.

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