As Valentine’s Day approached this month, I couldn’t help thinking about all the hilarious perverts we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know on the big screen. From all the peeping toms falling off windowsills, to a guy arrested for “mopary” (exposing yourself to a blind person), I think we can agree that at the very least, these degenerates are creative. Their horniness knows no boundaries and for that we thank them for all their sleazy efforts.


On this Valentine’s Day we’d like to call attention to a certain lovable tub of lard by the name of Principal Anderson a.k.a. THE REVOLTING BLOB. He’s our very own perv of hearts for February!

Play the clip above and revisit Principal Anderson mastering the art of a triple-threat pervert attack:
a) Creeper frames b) Glasses-tip c) Horny head-nod!


Max Anderson didn’t always live the life of a distinguished elementary school principal. If you own the August 1983 issue of Wrestling World, the cover story on a wrestler named “The Revolting Blob” centers around an incident of that year when the deranged superstar sat on some guys head in the ring and killed him.


While he redeems himself in the film by coming to the aid of Billy Madison at a time of need, Anderson can’t help squeezing in one more “I’m still horny” while groping Madison on the podium in front of dozens of onlookers.


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! 

One Comment on “PERV OF HEARTS.

  1. hahaha, great character and write-up as usual, Uncle T! Hands down the greatest pervert Valentine. That bottom gif is priceless. Don’t fuck with, The Revolting Blob!

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