big mike all american mega motivation mix FINAL white

It all started with a trickle of sweat. That first inkling of perspiration which climbed down Big Mike’s neanderthal forehead, past his serious beak and over his chiseled cheek. As it fell to the ground, he woke up on the beach from his winter slumber and let out a gorilla-sized moan that shook coconuts from nearby trees and had families holding on to each other for safety. What happened next will be for history books to teach the children of the future.

Just as the founding fathers rode to Independence Hall in 1776, Big Mike stood up and galloped straight from Malibu all the way to San Diego, pulling a gladiator chariot packed with every member of Journey (re-united w/ Steve Perry), The Barbarian Brothers, Beer Wolf, 100 partying ladies and 100 gallons of beer. He would end up running about 150 miles, pulling the chariot in one hand and waving a giant American flag in the other.

This physical triumph was made possible only because of a 43 minute power-hour called BIG MIKE’S ALL-AMERICAN MEGA-MOTIVATION MIX! Pure adrenaline. The ultimate rush. Other guys snort for it, jab a vein for it – all you gotta’ do is press play!

Big Mike’s love for everything red, white & blue knows no boundaries but it especially shines during this musical freedom quest. From sports cars to Venice Beach, movies, pancakes, angus beef, supplements and soft drinks like Crystal Pepsi, he cherishes every inch of this great nation more than anything. These songs  were obviously chosen with no ironic point of view or any of that bullshit. This is uplifting, no-holds-barred motivation for people to rise to their absolute peak.  It’s like a roller coaster of high-on-life feelings that never ends.

Here’s what Big Mike himself had this to say about the mix: “It could motivate any overweight, 100 year old wooden leg guy to climb the himalayas.” Enjoy the free download and don’t forget to pair this mix with plenty of meat, fire, explosions and alcohol on this blessed 4th of July!

hulk american
1) Naval Aircraft Intro
2) Robin Zander – In this Country
3) Journey – Be Good to Yourself
4) Level 42 – Heaven in my Hands
5) Cutting Crew – One for the Mockingbird
6) Paul Engemann – American Dream
7) Kenny Loggins – Playing With the Boys
8) John Parr – Two Hearts
9) Tim Feehan – Where’s the Fire
10) Honeymoon Suite – Feel it Again
11) Huey Lewis & the News – Jacob’s Ladder
12) Danger Danger – Rock America
13) John Cafferty – Hearts on Fire


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