Room8_VL3 Sharpen your claws and get ready to descend into an erotic-audio-abyss for the animal in us all with Room8’s VIDEO LUST. February is of course the month of love…and lust. Uncle T reminds us that themes of ‘lust’ aren’t strictly for satisfying only those typical, sex-craved appetites. Often times instead, couples can experience what doctors call VIDEO LUST: moments of romantic obsession for video memories of the past. This could be a simple case of sharing a bottle of Pino Noir on your black satin covered couch while re-watching Cat People (1982). Or setting up that Panasonic Video System Hi-Fi Recorder on your red velvet, rotating waterbed to make a few memories of your own…

Our fellow Los Angeles brethren Room8 aren’t here to smack you over the head with obvious, sexually-desperate tracks but instead pull from a plethora of horror, fantasy and sci-fi soundtracks that work magically together. This mix arrives right on time for Valentine’s Day and should be used to guide you in whatever direction your night takes on the 14th. Even if a quiet evening at home is your plan, we hope this 40-minute selection inspires you to explore the VIDEO LUST genre of your video library or cable network. You know the ones. Everyone knows the best time to catch these films is at 3:00 a.m. when you’re half asleep.

Make no mistake, this mix is no bedtime story. Especially for you younger audiences. We recommend getting your parent’s permission before you browse the exotic aisles of VIDEO LUST. Just kidding. Press play and indulge.

tiger lady tnuc

1. Tenebre Main Theme – Goblin (Tenebre)
2. Christine – Ralf Hennings (Christine)
3. StarDancer – Klaus Schulze (Body Love)
4. Love Theme – Giorgio Moroder (Superman III)
5. The End (Disco Version) – Splash Band (Assault On Precinct 13)
6. Patrick Theme – Goblin (Patrick)
7. The Dead Walk – John Harrison (Day of the Dead)
8. Igloos – Greg Hawkes (Anna)
9. The Dukes Arrival – John Carpenter (Escape From NY)
10. Gimme Some Lovin – The Blues Brothers w/ Jake Blues (The Blues Brothers)
11. The Kitchen/The Unicorn Theme Reprise – Tangerine Dream (Legend)
12. The Terminator Theme – Brad Fiedel (Terminator)
13. Jennifer – Goblin (Phenomena)
14. Justice For One Instrumental – John Farnham (Savage Streets)
15. Sequence 8 – Fabio Frizzi (Zombi 2)
16. Charly The Kid – Tangerine Dream (Firestarter)
17. We Don’t Need Another Hero – Tina turner (Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome)
18. Love Theme From Thief of Hearts – Harold Faltemeyer (Thief Of Hearts)
19. Let’s Spawn – Michael Perilstein (The Deadly Spawn)
20. Titles – Vangelis (Chariots Of Fire)
21. StarDancer – Klaus Schulze (Body Love)
22. Desert Drive – Tangerine Dream (Wavelength)
23. Starman Leaves – Jack Nitzsche (Starman)

– – –
From the creators:

“There are two musical focuses for ROOM8’s studio work. One is our electronic pop songwriting and Collabs with other artists and the other is our love of film and soundtracks. We love and are inspired by many of the synth soundtracks of the past and we are influenced by them in our work. To this end we bring you, Video Lust. A mix we created digging through vinyl with our friend, Herschel Gaer. We hope it inspires filmic daydreams and night fantasies for you all.”

Ezra and Nic,

2 Comments on “VIDEO LUST.”

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  2. This was PERFECT for the round table dinner of love yesterday. I saved this mix which beat out the likes of Barry White and even Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” from his Off the Wall record. I dimmed the lights, lit the candles, and clicked this bad boy on SoundCloud. I loved every bit of the electronic pop. My girlfriend gave it two thumbs up!!

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