If you’re a regular at Uncle TNUC’s, you’ve had to put up with the the trend of Pizza Hut posts over the years. Whether it be obscure promotions, goofy but heartfelt commercials, current abandoned restaurants, TMNT paraphernalia or product placement spottings, something about Pizza Hut never ceases to entertain us. The pizza itself I’ve never been able to touch with a 10-foot pole, which could have something to do with when I tried it for the first time as a child and ralphed it up in the backseat of a station wagon. But the nostalgia factor is in full-blown force with Pizza Hut, more so than the other popular pizza delivery chains.

Today I’m drawing my attention on the elusive Pizza Hut RED-ROOF delivery truck, as seen in the 1989 skateboarding epic, Gleaming the Cube. Allow me to refresh your memory…

Easily the most memorable moment of Gleaming the Cube was this incredible piece of machinery. The truck itself or at least that little replica of the restaurant’s inimitable red roof is probably sitting in a fortress somewhere surrounded by 24/hr security guards armed with mini gatling guns. Maybe not, but that’s what Uncle T is doing if he ever finds it. Why? Because I’ve delivered pizzas on all types of road warrior-wagons… motorbikes, push scooters, Vektars…hell, I even rented the WCW Hulkster Monster Truck for a weekend and delivered a steamy cheese pizza, in perfect condition, to a little old lady in my neighborhood. But never have I driven anything as beautiful and precious as the Pizza Hut RED-ROOF delivery truck.

The mystery here is if these actually existed in society. Has anyone ever ordered Pizza Hut and one of these pulled up to their house? Could this have just been a prototype designed only for the movie?  I refuse to take part in the latter theory. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Now I’ll do my best Robert Stack-on-Unsolved Mysteries impression:

IF YOU, have any information about this case, write to us at uncletnuc@gmail.com. You need not give your name, but remember, for every mystery, there is someone, somewhere, who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is watching. Perhaps that someone…is YOU.

So your job now is to find any information about this sacred automobile so that I can follow this post up with an Unsolved Mysteries-style “UPDATE” or one of those “ON THE VERY NIGHT OF OUR BROADCAST” segments that the show did so flawlessly and terrifyingly.


  1. I don't know anything about that truck but I will help you with sharing this post. I'm looking forward to the solution of that mystery. Alpha Boy

  2. Agreed, this needs to be solved. Or at least Hot Wheels needs to issue a version of the truck in their Entertainment series of toys. I need one to park next to my A-Team Van, Monkees Mobile and General Lee…

  3. I'll do a Canada wide search up here! Never know if the evil forces behind this truck's disappearance fled to Canada??

  4. That's funny that you don't actually like the pizza. I honestly prefer their pizza over any other. I always love your Pizza Hut posts.


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  9. love this post. I second what one comment said: I want a Hotwheels version of this red, iconic truck. Can I use your photos in a youtube video devoted to hotwheels cars they should make, movie edition?

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