Most of our favorite aspects of life are definitely omnipresent in the first two Terminator movies. We’re talking cybernetic organisms, SKYNET, trench-coats, steamy factories, liquid metal, motorbikes, fog-drenched nightclubs…you name it, Terminator’s got it. Everything except one meaty slice of essentialness that Uncle T lives for on a daily basis. That would be the saxophone. If you can sit there with a straight face and deny having longed to hear saxophone in these movies, you’re not only lying to yourself but lying to your #1 Uncle too.

Leave it to our pal Steve Moore who we typically find manning the synthesizer to bust out a saxophone and play the Terminator theme on it. Upon first listen I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. It made so much sense that I wondered if this had been some long-lost track that had been locked up for the past 30 years. Had Steve pulled a “Miles Dyson home invasion” and broke into original composer Brad Fiedel’s home to terrorize his family and steal the track from his supercomputer? After much speculation, Steve confirmed this wasn’t so. He did in fact record the cover with his own saxophone.

Bless his heart, because now we have the privilege and freedom of listening to a sax’ed out version of the Terminator theme at our own convenience, whenever we please. Personally what comes to mind as I listen and reminisce is the tender moments between Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese. In the film’s love scene, musician Brad Fiedel provides a sweet piano version of the theme…which is cute, but wouldn’t it have raised the heat a couple notches with a saxophone ballad? Or even if it echoed subtly in the background as Reese roamed the streets of pre-apocalypse Los Angeles in his trusty trench-coat.

Truth be told, Steve’s cover is from a soundtrack to a book (yes) called DTV (meaning Direct-to-Video). Without getting into specifics, the book is about a pair of washed up action heroes and is backed by a killer soundtrack of great music. If you love action movies and tunes like you just heard, check it out here.

What’s next for Steve Moore? Oh, you know, just heading out on tour with 70’s Italian horror-soundtrack masters Goblin is all. If you haven’t heard the news, Steve will be playing keys as he temporarily fills in for Aiden Zammit as the band’s 2nd keyboard player for their upcoming US tour! See tour dates over here.

7 Comments on “CYBORG SAX.”

  1. Uncle T, you covered up the best part of that photo, the buckwheat muff. Oh well, amazing song and don't ever fuck with Reese!

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