It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Every year right around this time, the Fall season unmasks, the cold weather creeps in and the air is filled with something. With momentum building for the holiday, it’s the brisk, Autumn days leading up to Halloween that are the ones we’ll remember the most.

For the next two weeks, whether you’re riding your bike over wet leaves, hanging out in abandoned cathedrals, spending late nights by the lake, dismembering corpses, sacrificing midgets or seducing the neighborhood slumber party, don’t forget to stay tuned to your favorite Uncle to get your fix of fear.

The ferocious feature I’m presenting today stars our main man, Freddy Krueger, who took the pleasant courtesy during some of his downtime in 1987 to star in the following headbanger video. The video draws it’s curtain with dame Patricia Arquette, who plays Kristen, the chosen helpless teenie in A Nightmare on Elm St 3: Dream Warriors. Watch as she puts together a diorama of the Elm St. house using Popsicle sticks and…pictures of hair metal screechers, Dokken? YES.

There are too many scenes that I just cherish. From the earsplitting hawk-like vocals of Donny Dokken, to lead axe-grinder George Lynch hammering through a wall to shred a solo, it’s all nothing but bliss. Forget Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, the only jam I need for partying on the 31st is this beastly number by DOKKEN!

Enough words, time to maximize the video, turn it UP, press play and whatever you do, don’t fall asleep…

For the hardcore TNUC supporters, here’s the track in its rip-roaring, 320-bitrate glory:
D/L: Dokken – Dream Warriors

9 Comments on “DREAM WARRIORS.”

  1. I know, I know.

    I apologize for the delay…but Futurecop's label are the ones to complain to! They're making finishing touches on the single and getting ready to make moves promoting it. Believe me, i'm growing pretty impatient. As soon as I find out anything, i'll post it here.

    Oh, and there will be 2 versions of the video. Basically they're identical with the exception of 1 epic scene at the end.

  2. Just when Im ready to leave your blog, I see another badass post. Makes me want to watch the 3rd Elm Street again…maybe I will late night tonight after the new “V” airs. I've always wanted to make my own little popsicle stick house because of the intro.

  3. i hope you watch Elm St 3 tonight!

    thanks for visiting, be sure to check older posts…if you like this, then most will be right up your alley

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