In late 1989, the WWF and the world were introduced to a menacing yet fine-musked force known as Rick “the Model” Martel. He had his own brand of perfume called “Arrogance”, which was kept in a large atomizer and would be sprayed in the eyes of his opponents to blind them. He also wore a Turquoise sport coat, complete with a large novelty button that read “Yes, I am a Model” to the ring. Now, I ask you to please show Rick some manners and watch his brilliant vignettes here:

“Put the breaks on the fast lane, and accellerate into the fast lane with Arrogance”

I can’t speak on what fate had in store for Rick, but I’d like to think he relocated somewhere up in Northern Alaska, far away from his enemies, where he has taken over a small town, turning all the locals into factory workers, making them work relentlessly to push thousands of units a day of his “Arrogance” perfume, while Rick spends his days lounging in his sauna with a girl dangling from each arm.

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