Various taglines from 1987’s The Principal:

“Rick Latimer had nothing to lose…until he was given the one job nobody else dared take.”

“An educator who never plays by the rules. A high school where the only law is survival. Will he break it before it breaks him?”

“Welcome to Brandel High…where two men who’ve never done ANYTHING by the book are laying down the law.”

“To get this job, he had to be crazy. To survive it, he’ll have to get even crazier.”

“To tame the roughest, meanest and wildest high school in the district, they needed an administrator who was rougher, meaner and wilder. Enter Rick Latimer.”

“He’s teaching the students at Brandel High two words… NO MORE.”

“At a high school where the students major in arson, extortion and assault, the new principal and the head of security just might be crazy enough to turn things around.”

3 Comments on “THE PRINCIPAL.”

  1. man, i love this movie!
    underrated classic!
    makes Dangerous minds and The Substitute look like child's play in comparison!
    Just seeing Jim Belushi beat the shit out of ghetto warriors with jherri curls is epic stuff! and then Louis Gossett Jr helping out makes it even sweeter!
    And lets not forget “Set it Off” by Strafe! Fucking Epicness!!

  2. hahahaha.. this movie looks epic. I can't say I've ever watched it all the way through, back in the day it'd be on TV all the time and would always skip past it. I'm gonna give it a watch.

  3. Does anyone really major in anything in high school? Let alone arson, extortion and assault??? I hope the creative director that wrote that got fired and thrown out on their ass!

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