This is the reason you wake up at night in a cold sweat. Steve Moore’s hauntingly beautiful Fever Dream. Make no mistake, this dream is a reality.

You can be fully conscious when the song starts, but the waves of synthesizer will wash over you and your mind will begin to wander out unwillingly into the fog. The first layer is gentle and captivating, which floats seamlessly over an ominous rhythm that feels like it’s slowly creeping towards you. Beware. Something else is lurking behind the layered rhythms…it slowly reveals itself from the mist and takes you to another level. Once the song ends you realize you have been in a trance for some time. It’s OK. It was only a dream. This track originally surfaced as a bonus on his Demo 2003 LP (get on that if you haven’t already, will ya). This 10’’ release, out on the Mexican Summer label next month, pairs the track with another eerie dreamscape called 30,000 Feet Deep

The album art, pictured above, clearly matches the mood of the music it contains which will be a nice addition to your vinyl collection. Mr. Moore should already be on your radar, but if he is not, you have some homework to do. Take a leisurely stroll to his blog for updates on his upcoming work. I thank Uncle T for having me listen to Zombi’s ‘Surface To Air’ a few years back which introduced me to the wizard behind the keys, Steve Moore. It’s an honor to post here at TNUC. Uncle T and I are cut from the same cloth…Denim. Our mutual love for Steven Seagal’s ‘Out For Justice’, synthesizers, pizzas, strip clubs, and New England construction has provided the foundation for a great friendship.

– Jared Haselton a.k.a. Relax English (East Coast contributor to the TNUC book of enlightenment.) –

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