A ravenous appetite for L.O.V.E. comes this Valentine’s Day with our brand new mixtape.

There were two phrases I remember hearing repeatedly during winter of ’87 while cruising in my Buick Grand National. Those phrases were “in the heat of the night” and “HUNGRY FOR LOVE”. The latter phrase could be heard at nauseum every weekend at one of our infamous backyard parties, while horny valley girls bum-rushed the outdoor stage whereupon the latest band with the latest long-haired, blonde-mullet singer of the week performed Van Halen covers over a crappy PA system. In between covers, I swear every one of those bands had a song called “Hungry For Love” or a song that featured those words in the chorus. Of course, between the quaalude and halcyon intake, that’s the limit of Uncle T’s memory.

In an attempt to piece the memories together, TNUC’s ‘HUNGRY FOR LOVE’ mixtape is here. A carefully curated mix of peak performance, maximum horny levels of excellence. Not only do the words in these songs evoke seductive power, but the RIFFS are testosterone and estrogen-enhancing stimulants that will you find very difficult to contain yourself with.

Plug in. Turn it up. Get hungry.


5 Comments on “HUNGRY FOR LOVE MIX.”

  1. Fantastic! It got this Night Wolf in a ravenous mood for love and satisfaction. When the moon is full and the Night Wolf is on the prowl searching for a Vixen and Lurking with Intent, he howls at the moon and jams to Midnight Heat.

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