Calling all friends, colleagues, disciples, apostles, messiahs and cybernetic organisms, TNUC is proud to unveil an exceedingly rare body of music that has been buried beneath some unknown barbaric temple for the last 30+ years.

Before continuing, ask yourself this. Have you ever reached a crossroads moment during a physical training regiment that was purely based on your music choice? An important decision of whether or not to continue because your soundtrack à la pump just wasn’t getting the job done. What Uncle T has discovered through extensive research is that 96.4% of human beings are indecisive with their music selections for working out, training and personal montage moments. Why is this? Because people grow bored of the same playlists, albums and soundtracks…even subconsciously. It’s science. There’s only a matter of time before the medicine is no longer effective. You seek more. You hunger for something different.

This week our compadres Big Mike Colonia & Gianni La Bamba delivered a mysterious bodybuilding tape from Germany with a date stamp of 1989 titled “Special Sound Of Bodybuilding”. The tape contains two 30-minute sides of ambient synth magic that is both powerful and hypnotizing. This is not your average workout tape. Get ready for the final secret ingredient to reach your personal maximum potential.

Take these words of wisdom from Big Mike Colonia:

“When the tape arrived at Big Mike HQ, I immediately took it to my private muscle temple and threw it into the tape player, volume cranked to maxxximum. The back and chest workout that followed was not of this earth. The anabolic synths flowing into my ears instantly infected my few synapses, bloodstream and above all MUSCLES with insane focus and power, and I surely trained with at least 20% more intensity from the get-go.”

Whether it’s at the gym, at home, on a mountaintop or inside an abandoned factory, this is the anabolic-audio-antidote-enhancement that you will no longer be able to live without.

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