All you need to do is go for a walk or take a drive during this time of year and I guarantee you will encounter spooky things. This was proven last weekend when Uncle T and Auntie T found an abandoned train depot in the woods of New Hampshire.

If I’m being completely honest, TNUC does develop canine-like senses this time of year to find such oddities. He’s like a sniffing, snarling, cunning, laser-sharp, four-legged-freak that picks up on strange things that lurk in the mist. So it was to no surprise that while rummaging through the woods one afternoon he spotted an abandoned structure that looked one part the house from Evil Dead and another…an old business?

There it sat, densely surrounded by trees and a rotting foundation causing it to dramatically slant to the left. The exterior siding had that perfect, grainy decay that set designers working on horror movies strive to replicate.

The interior had traces of all the usual suspects of an abandoned place in the woods. Beer cans, spray painted doodles on the walls, decomposing furniture and teenage attempts at Satanic markings.

After researching the location, I came to find out that this ghastly house was at one time a small Victorian train station that served a 19th-century resort hotel called “The Maplewood” which began business in 1876. The depot was abandoned during the early 20s due to the rise of the automobile and its counterpart hotel would eventually burn down decades later in January 1963.

Obviously such features as the staircases, columns and architectural details are long gone. All that is left is a spooky, silent beast that creaks in the cold winds.

P.S. We also happened to drive down a street called COFFIN LANE.

Get out there disciples…there’s spooky exploring to do. † † †

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