The other night while chopping wood and raking leaves outside, I was suddenly overtaken with such a blast of Autumn power that it made the little hairs on my arm stand up. Before I went inside to my wood stove to calm down all the excitement, I chucked my axe into the nearest tree, feeling like George Lutz in The Amityville Horror“Don’t ever sneak up on a man with an axe”

That chilly evening I sat by the fire and ate soup while consulting with my farmer’s almanac. When I read that TWO full moons will be appearing in the month of October, I sent my pumpkin-shaped noodle soup flying out of my mouth and onto the carpet.

On October 1st the first harvest moon will appear to reign in the most triumphant month of the year…

† Then on October 31st (H A L L O W E E N) we’ll be spoiled with a very rare sighting of a second harvest moon referred to as the “hunters moon”. As legend tells us, this name represents the time when farmers realized the harvest was over and they needed to pack up and go hunt food for the family. It is also said that if you live in a place or area that is haunted, or if you work in a place where someone has passed, that if a ghost wants to materialize, this night will be when it will happen!

Now then, a perfect song in terms of lyrics and feeling to ignite the time of year when Uncle T feels the most alive.

I’m sitting up in my treehouse tonight, listening to this criminally underrated Blue Öyster Cult song while looking out at the moon casting a shadow over a rotting cornfield in the distance. I could sit here for hours reminiscing about Octobers of yesterday.

The neighborhood I grew up in was incredible for trick ‘r treating. Even now when I visit my old house and walk the streets at night, the nostalgia overload is unbelievable. Like walking in a dream, it’s difficult to explain unless I’m right there in the moment. It not only takes me back but makes me feel more appreciative than ever of the tiniest of details which I don’t take for granted these days.

Can you smell the apple cider donuts from looking at this photo? I can. 

Just because trick ‘r treating might be canceled for the youngsters this year doesn’t mean Halloween can’t be celebrated just as powerfully as ever. Give me a break. It’s October 1st and there’s a full moon tonight. So I’m declaring this day as the DAY OF THE BEAST because I plan on drowning myself in Hershey’s Vampire Kisses and watching werewolf movies all day with the windows open while waiting for the moon to rise tonight…

Also because this artwork is a direct representation of my Manimal transformation which will occur on the night of the second harvest moon in October. A huge thank you to Traci Lords (@tracilordss) completely killed it with this year’s illustration.

You disciples should be pleased with what Uncle T has in store for the 2020 season. It’s been a garbage year but I hope the Land of TNUC helps with the escape that you so desire.

3 Comments on “DAY OF THE BEAST.”

  1. Im getting some serious autumn chills. if I venmo you $30 can you send me some dusty old crap you have lying around the house? I miss getting shit in the mail from UncleT. we gonna be hawling for a whole 30 nights this year. OCTOBER.

  2. Man, that BÖC song is amazing. It’s been one of my favorites for nearly 20 years now. Check out the live version on A Long Day’s Night- that’s the one that really hits the sweet spot for me.

    Here’s to a chilly, mysterious October!

  3. The greatest time of year wouldn’t be the same without the Holy Land of TNUC. I’ve been engulfing myself in 31 Days of Horror Movies. Sick artwork, would love that on a faded black t-shirt. Can’t wait to to see what you have in store for us disciples! LONG LIVE UNCLE TNUC!

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